Are you interested in becoming more involved in the Weld County Democratic Party? The Reorganization will be held February 11. The following officer positions are open:

COUNTY CHAIR – The County Chair is officially responsible for (1) running caucuses and assemblies; (2) running re organization elections; (3) recruiting and filling PCP (precinct leader) positions; (4) raising money to fund the county budget; (5) creating and overseeing the county budget; (6) signing any contracts; (7) planning county party dinners, fundraisers or candidate forums; (8) recruiting great candidates to run for every level of office, in conjunction with the state party and other community leaders; (9) Presiding over county central and executive committee meetings; (10) Training other officers in district; (11) follow state & county rules and state statutes. The Chair should additionally make sure the party is welcoming and inclusive and try any new ideas that can engage volunteers and voters to make the best impact possible.

COUNTY VICE CHAIR(S) – The Vice-Chair (1) does the work needed to support the Chair; (2) runs meetings when the Chair is unavailable, and (3) acts in the Chair’s absence.  Vice-Chairs should additionally make sure the party is welcoming and inclusive and try any news ideas that can engage volunteers and voters to make the best impact possible.  Many Vice-Chairs assist in outreach or can specialize in a given area (communications, digital, data, outreach).

COUNTY TREASURER – The Treasurer is the person who (1) is responsible for balancing the bank accounts; (2) timely files required campaign finance reports with TRACER; (3) helps create the county budget; and (4) assists in fundraising efforts. The County Party Treasurer is responsible for cooperating in the transition to subsequent County Party Treasurers by providing all financial records, bank account information, logins / passwords, and signing of any bank documents necessary to allow the new treasurer to resume the duties of the role without missing any deadlines or information.

COUNTY SECRETARY – The Secretary (1) takes the minutes and timely prepares them for approval; (2) serves as the records-custodian for the party (caucus results, re-org results, PCP tracking, data entry).  The Secretary sometimes takes the role of preparing e-newsletters, Tracking  data integrity of lists in VAN and Sending meeting calls.


Platform Committee Members: Members of the Platform Committee are elected from each Congressional District & each House District. They review the current platform, take input, and prepare the new proposed Colorado Democratic Party platform and the next state assembly. Members should have a good handle on policy, messaging and the regional differences across the state to make sure the platform that reflects all Colorado Democrats and can connect with many Unaffiliated voters as well.


Executive Committee Members: Automatic or elected bonus members to the State Executive Committee review the state party budget and approve the annual budget. This committee also ratifies the hiring of the Executive Director. Members will be asked to join a sub-committee on voter registration, outreach or finance. There are usually two SEC meetings per year.


State Central Committee Members: Automatic or elected bonus members to the State Central Committee are the governing body of the State Democratic Party, responsible for voting at state assembly, voting at state re-organization, voting on proposed rules changes or adoption of new policies. There are usually two to four SCC meetings per year.


House District Officers are responsible for running the House District Assembly to nominate one or more Democratic Candidates to the Democratic Primary Ballot for State House. If the district crosses party lines, they work with the state party on their assembly. A candidate seeking ballot access through the assembly process must receive 30% or more of the vote under state law. The House District Officers are responsible for ensuring candidate paperwork is timely completed and filed. The House District officers also may need to convene a vacancy committee meeting if there is a vacancy in candidacy or a vacancy in office. The officers may be part of candidate recruitment and post primary helping elect and support the Democratic nominees in their District. They may innovate other ideas for organizing across the jurisdiction so long as it does not violate laws, rules or policies. District Officers are also responsible in helping plan and hold a reorganization meeting to elect officers for the next 2-year cycle. Where House Districts are contained wholly within one county, the House District officers generally hold monthly meetings, help recruit PCPs in their House District, and organize Get out the Vote efforts. Some regions also elect Captains who take on significant organizing and programmatic roles.

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