What is a Poll Watcher?

A poll watcher is a representative of a candidate, political party, civic organization or proposition who is legally in the polling place to observe the conduct of the election.

Poll Watchers are always needed! Please contact us to sign up by clicking the button below. Thank you for volunteering!

The Party is seeking Volunteers who are sincerely interested in participating in the democratic process, ensuring the rights of every voter are protected and the voting is fair.

A Poll Watcher is the eyes and ears of the Democratic Party. As a Watcher, your role is to spot problems, bring them to the attention of the Supervising Election Judge, assist with the resolution of the problem and alert Party officials when necessary.

A Poll Watcher must:

  • Be an eligible voter
  • Complete the mandatory online training
  • Not be related to a candidate or sponsors of an issue on ballots
  • Be appointed by the Party Chair, certified by the County Clerk & Recorder and credentialed to enter the Polling or Ballot Counting Center
  • Must take an Oath of Watcher and submit to a background check
  • Be able to stand or sit for extended periods of time
  • Be aware of limitations and not interrupt the voting process

This job is critical for ensuring that every voter is able to exercise their right to vote and that the election is fair. If you are interested, please complete this form: https://www.weldcountydems.org/volunteer-sign-up/

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