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If you have paid attention to the myriad texts and emails you have received in recent weeks, you know that the presidential primary is on March 5, and caucus and assembly for most of Colorado follows. Weld will have its caucus on March 9, and assembly on March 16. The caucus is virtual so you can participate from anywhere, as long as you have registered. If you have not registered, please register here. If you do not have easy access to a computer, you can caucus using your smartphone. We plan to send out a video in the coming days, of how to participate. If you have connection issues, you could join a neighbor or even come to the Weld Dem’s office, and we can help you participate from there.

Caucus is the first step in participating in the Colorado political process. Your input, your voice is vital to molding the future of Colorado and the nation. We need conscientious, civic minded participants who can guide our party and our candidates to do what is best for Weld, for Colorado, and for the country. Please step up and do your part. We particularly want to encourage young people to get involved. You are the future, but we are the present, and without your participation now, the future you want to see for yourselves, and your children, will not happen unless you are willing to make the effort now.

Recently, I went to a meet and greet for Joe Neguse in Larimer County. It was exciting to see more than 70 people show up for the event. My hope is that we can generate that kind of enthusiasm and participation in Weld County for all our Democratic candidates. We have many strong incumbent candidates and truly outstanding newcomers. However, we are still in need of candidates to step up for House District 48, 64, 65 and Senate District 23. We also have no candidates running for county commissioner seats. If we are to turn Weld County blue, this must change.

We are living in interesting times, and our future is in our hands. I encourage you to get involved. Volunteer!

For our Century Club fundraising Event, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser will be our speaker and I am sure he will mention his support for the Horizon Project, a brand new field organizing bootcamp that will train new organizers on the best practices for how to deep canvass, organize, and activate voters in 2024. To learn more, sign up, or donate, register here.

Speaking of the Century Club event, I hope you have bought tickets and are going to join us at the Poudre Learning Center. February 29 is the last day to purchase tickets. Even if you didn’t get tickets, or you cannot attend, you can still donate to the cause or send in a check to our office. You can even donate through our website.

I know every candidate, both local and national has sent requests to you for donations. Give what you can, but remember that if you give your money locally, you have more of a say in how it is spent and you can designate, if you choose, what you want your donation to go for. Just make a note on your donation. If you donate to the Weld County Democratic Party, your donation can go toward postage or phone outreach, your donation can fund costs for parades, booths and events, signage, printing costs for campaign literature and voter information. Funds can go for helping us maintain an office and for holding caucus and assemblies. Funds can also go for candidate support. Everything that we do is dependent on you. Your support is vital. Please consider becoming a sustaining donor.

Our election year is just beginning, and it will be one for the history books for sure. Please do what you can to make history, but also a future that is inclusive with a strong democracy, rights preserved with equality and voter access for all. Hope to see you on the 3rd and at caucus and assembly.

Beverly Wallace, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party

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