What is an Election Judge?

The Weld County Democratic Party requires Election Judges to represent the Party at Polling Centers, on Election Day and after the election when Ballots are counted.

The dates for elections can be found here: https://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections/Resources/ElectionCalendars.html

If you are ready to participate in the election process and represent the Democratic Party, please complete this form https://www.weldcountydems.org/volunteer-sign-up/

The primary role of the Election Judge is an official responsible for the proper and orderly voting at polling stations. 

Following are some of the duties of an Election Judge:

  • Election Judges are paid temporary employees of Weld County Clerk and Recorder Election Division. Hourly pay range is $12 to $15 based on duties and $20 for training session.
  • Election Judges perform a wide range of tasks weeks before the Election at Polling Centers, on Election Day and after Election Day to process ballots.
  • Election Judges after mandatory training are assigned to jobs such as: greeting voters, helping voters with voting machines, updating voter information, serving on specific Boards to verify signatures, opening ballots and supporting central counting and traveling to all Polling Centers and Drop Boxes throughout the county to collect ballots.
  • All work is done by bipartisan teams of Democrats and Republicans.
  • Election Judges must meet certain requirements such as: able to perform and complete tasks, never convicted of election fraud or fraud, must not be related to any candidate running, must be able to attend mandatory training class, must have basic computer skills, be able to sit and stand for long periods of time and lift 25 to 50 pound boxes.

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