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Election judges are the backbone of our Democracy, and we need you and your help to recruit Democrats to participate in the 2024 election process!

We are expecting a record number turnout for the Presidential Election in 2024. Weld County Democrats need to make sure we have at least 250 Democratic Election Judges countywide trained and available to participate in the three elections scheduled for 2024. The three elections are the  March 5th Presidential primary, the June 25th  primary election and the November 8th general election.

Election judges are temporary, paid employees of the Weld County Election Office, trained to handle all aspects of voting at local polling centers in towns across the county and at the counting center in Greeley. The Clerk’s office tries to staff each polling center with equal number of Democrats and Republicans who work in tandem.

Election Judges fill many roles at different locations, including Voter Service Polling Centers and at the Ballot Counting Center. There are judges for different roles:

  • Greeter/Log Book Judges – are responsible for verifying a voter’s identity and eligibility to vote in Weld County and maintain a record of voters entering the polling location.
  • Ballot Box Judges – are responsible for collection of Mail Ballots at the polling location, maintain lines leading to ballot boxes, and working with Ballot Couriers to empty ballot boxes.
  • Voting Machine Judges – are responsible for helping voters navigate the polling location and voting machines. They must be comfortable using computers and touch screens
  • Computer Judges – enter all information to register new voters, update records, issue ballots and replacement ballots. Computer knowledge is required.
  • Counting Center Judges- tasks include signature verification, ballot processing and ballot adjudication.

Volunteer and/or tell your friends and family about this unique opportunity to be an integral participant assuring all Coloradan voters ballots are secured, protected and correctly counted.

Fill out this form to receive more information about being an election judge!

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