2020 Election Information

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Non-Presidential Primary

Tuesday, June 30

DNC Convention

August 17 - 20

General Election

Tuesday, November 3rd

Due to COVID-19 we will not be having the regular fundraiser Roosevelt Dinner.

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Registration Information State of Colorado Voter Information

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Important Dates

June 1, 2020

Last day to change or withdraw affiliation to vote in a different party’s election for the June 30th PRIMARY election.

June 8-12, 2020

Ballots will be mailed for the PRIMARY election.

June 22, 2020

Last day to submit a voter registration application and receive a ballot for the PRIMARY election.

June 30, 2020

PRIMARY election. Polls open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

October 9-16, 2020

Ballots will be mailed for the GENERAL election.

October 26, 2020

Last day to submit a voter registration application and receive a ballot in the mail for the GENERAL election.

November 3, 2020

GENERAL election. Polls open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Full calendar from the Colorado Secretary of State site.

Full calendar from the City of Greeley and Weld County site.


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Polling Places and Caucus Locations

Polling Places will be added when they are decided.

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Federal Candidate Information

Candidates are not listed in any particular order. The Weld County Democratic Party does not make endorsements of candidates in contested primary elections.

Andrew Romanoff

United States Senate for Colorado


Andrew won four terms in the Colorado House of Representatives—including two terms as speaker of the House—and led the Democrats to their first majority in 30 years. He earned recognition from more than 50 state and national organizations as one of the most effective legislative leaders in America.

Andrew authored laws to protect the environment, expand the supply of affordable housing, and support the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. He crafted an economic recovery plan to put thousands of Coloradans back to work, built a bipartisan coalition to pass it, and secured the largest investment in school construction in state history.

Andrew began his career at the Southern Poverty Law Center, joining the battle against Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups. His work there fueled a lifelong passion for justice—a cause he later championed at a state civil rights agency.

The same commitment took Andrew to Nicaragua in the wake of a brutal civil war. He taught English in rural high schools and continued teaching here in Colorado.

In 2012, Andrew founded the Posner Center for International Development—the first such initiative in the country. The Posner Center is now home to more than 60 Colorado-based organizations, all advancing sustainable solutions to global poverty.

State Candidate Information

Candidates are not listed in any particular order. The Weld County Democratic Party does not make endorsements of candidates in contested primary elections.

Holly A. Herson

Colorado State House District 48


I have always called rural Weld County home, so after leaving Frederick where I grew up and moving to Loveland I attended The University of Northern Colorado. I decided to continue my career in healthcare rather than completing my first college degree to avoid accumulating debt.

My father died by suicide in 2009, and I made the decision to double down and get involved in my community. I became involved in suicide prevention and awareness organizations and became very involved with local politics. I went back to college for two degrees in political science where I was able to work for a Colorado State Senator specifically on healthcare policy during the 2017 Legislative Session.

I worked for an organization where I was able to perform hundreds of eye exams for homeless, and disadvantaged children and enrol them in Medicaid. I have helped to organize fundraisers, and to campaign for a successful mental health initiative in Larimer County impacting all of Northern Colorado. I currently work for a private practice in Northern Colorado, and have since 2009.
My wife and I became foster parents before starting our own family. We have one son, Liam who was born in 2019, and are very close with our foster son who is now 21.

We purchased our home in Milliken in 2018, and are in love with our community and with rural Weld County. More about me is available on Ballotpedia (https://ballotpedia.org/Holly_Herson).

Yara Zokaie

Colorado State House District 49


Dr. Galina Nicoll

Colorado State Senate 23


A long-time Broomfield resident, Galina Nicoll, Ph.D. is a distinguished community leader, researcher and educator, teaching Russian Studies and Space Exploration courses in the Global Residential Academic Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

As an instructional leader, Galina serves on an innovation incubator committee, generating creative solutions for integrating mental health practices into the curriculum.

As a community organizer, Galina championed support for grass-roots campaigns to protect our water and soil from dangers, including toxic pesticides and herbicides.

As a researcher and a supporter of LOGIC (the League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans), Galina addressed the Broomfield City Council and legislators from neighboring districts, presenting scientific evidence on the devastating environmental and health-related impacts from hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’).

As an advocate and spouse of a combat veteran, Galina is helping develop innovative solutions and resources to assist veterans as they transition to civilian careers.

As a recently naturalized American citizen, Galina takes civic engagement seriously and is tremendously grateful for the opportunity to participate in the democratic process by serving her community and representing constituents in Senate District 23.

Sally Boccella

Colorado State Senate District 23


Sally Boccella is running for Colorado State Senate to continue her commitment to service, support public policy that lifts up all people, and nurture relationships that foster inclusive and diverse partnerships like she has done throughout her personal and professional experience. She is a community organizer, coalition builder, volunteer, mom to two amazing young people and two rescue dogs, and wife to a supportive husband.

Gen Schneider

Colorado House of Representatives District 63


My name is Gen Schneider and I am running for House District 63. I grew up in rural farming communities where small businesses and civil service were a way of life. My parents were small business owners and leaders in our rural town, and having these role models gave me a deep sense of responsibility to my community.

I have been involved with local politics since 2012, and I have worked hard for positive change in Dacono, Colorado. My family and I feel that the time has come to seek public office at a higher level. I want to bring more integrity, opportunity, and prosperity to our area by running for House District 63.

During my time in local politics, I learned how to work with many different people, all with diverse backgrounds and opinions. I also learned how to keep my resolve, even when it is unpopular to do so. I know that if I am elected to the Colorado House I can use these skills to help our families create a better life.

My top 3 issues are protecting reproductive rights, regulating oil and gas, and ensuring that our schools are properly funded.

State Representative Mary Young

Colorado House of Representatives District 50


Hello my name is Mary Young, and I am honored to be the State Representative of House District 50. These are very chaotic times we are living in and it is difficult for me to talk about myself in these circumstance s, but I realize that you need to have an understanding of who I am and the values I hold.  I see myself as a life-long public servant, not as a politician. 

I am a life- long educator who has worked in public schools, primarily working with students with special needs, developmental disabilities and mental health issues.  I have been passionate about focusing on these issues while here in the State House. This work is ongoing and there are no simple fixes, but I am committed to finding real solutions for Coloradans. My commitment to these   issues isn’t just professional. My husband, Dave Young and I became co-guardians of my sister-in-law when she needed a liver transplant.  She faces medical, problem solving and mental health challenges.  The path we share with her has been a blessing and pushed our problem-solving abilities to the limits.  We are blessed to have her in our lives.

I strive to fight for well-funded quality education with well-paid educators, affordable housing, accessible healthcare, employment with living wages, and a healthy environment for the people in my district and the state.  As someone who believes in the inclusion of all no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age or whom they love; I believe that all Coloradoans should be able to have their needs met.  We will all work together to achieve a better tomorrow.

Weld County Candidate Information

Candidates are not listed in any particular order. The Weld County Democratic Party does not make endorsements of candidates in contested primary elections.

Paul Echternacht

Weld County Commissioner At Large

I’m a fourth generation Coloradan, born and raised on a farm in eastern Boulder County. My primary focus, as your County Commissioner, will be the health, safety and well-being of all the residents of Weld County. That focus includes long term planning for the health of our agricultural base and employment in emerging agricultural industries.

If you are a candidate in an upcoming election and would like to be included on this page, please submit your information using the “Submit Events or Articles” link at the bottom of the page. Fill out the Article Submission Form and ask to be added to the Candidates section of the Elections page. Submit the following information.

  • Name: Exactly as it will appear on the ballot.
  • Image: At least 1000 x 1000 pixels. 
  • Seat: Exactly what they are running for..
  • Website URL: Full URL
  • Social Links: Full URLs please.
  • Video: YouTube/Vimeo video link.
  • About Them Paragraph: 50 – 200 words.
  • Learn More Button: Will use website URL from above.


The Weld County Democratic Party does not make endorsements of candidates in contested primary elections.

Ballot Initiatives

Will be added later.

These will be added after they are approved for the 2020 ballot.

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