Winning or losing is a by-product and aftereffect of effort. We have about a week left to win, not just to keep hate out of our legislatures, but as President Biden has said, for the soul of America. We have worked very hard this election season and my thanks goes out to all on my hard- working executive committee, and to the many volunteers who have dedicated countless hours to canvassing, calling, printing, mailing, texting, donating and analyzing. With the extraordinary and generous donations we have received this year, we have printed 10,000 slate cards and have mailed thousands with letters and candidate literature as well as lit dropped thousands more. We have mailed nearly 2000 postcards. We have texted over 10,000 people and plan on more. We bought 50 ads on Spanish radio. We have called and canvassed thousands of numbers and doors, all thanks to our volunteers. Thanks to the Latino Coalition, over 800 new voters have been registered. Thank you, one and all.

We have fought the good fight, and I hesitate to ask for more, but we must all do our part to win this election. If you can volunteer any of your time to canvass or call, please do. If you can’t do these, take to your social media and post as much as you can to support candidates and voting blue all down the ticket. If you see misinformation, don’t let it go. Let your contacts know you will not stand for misinformation or lies. Write letters to the newspaper. We have had many great letters so far, but the window of opportunity here is very small. Reach out to friends and family and urge them to get their ballot in, no excuses, and donate. We can win this. This race is competitive, and in CD 8, Democrats have a slight advantage, but only if we vote…only if we can get all Democrats out and vote.

It has become obvious, that Republicans are running scared. They have no decent platform and therefore can not win on merit so they resort to dirty tricks. Since the time of “Tricky Dick” Nixon and then the insufferable Newt Gingrich, to “Pizzagate” to now the craziness of Q and the hate filled alt-right, we have seen amazingly misleading, dishonest, hateful and libelous messaging targeting the ill-informed aimed at marginalizing vulnerable populations. How have our Republican friends become so unhinged from the truth? Currently we have seen deplorable hate-filled messaging sent to Spanish-speaking voters that targets the LGBTQ community, particularly the Trans Community. They have also been sending messaging that Democrats are baby killers, (not new) but that we now are not only performing late-term abortions but are practicing infanticide, killing babies after birth. Sadly, some of this messaging is being distributed by churches. If you encounter this type of messaging, please counter the misinformation. If your church is involved in this, please talk to your leaders to stop. Complain to any media that is presenting this misinformation that you are disgusted.

This is what we are up against. Is this the future you want to see for your family, your children? It seems that “1984” is upon us, only 40 years late! The good news, however, is voter turn-out is up, people are responding and we can win. For the first time in a long time, Weld County could become considerably more blue. Let’s make it happen.

One more point of note. We are moving the Dems office in Greeley. We lost our lease and are having to move to a new location by the end of November. We will be moving to the Greeley Building in Downtown Greeley, next to the UCCC. The new location has some nice amenities and better security and the rent is less so it will be a good move in the long run. If you can volunteer to help us move, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact and we’ll let you know the moving date and plans when they’ve been finalized. We will need people with trucks and physical labor for moving furniture, boxes, etc. 

Thank you for all you do.

Beverly Wallace, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party

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