As Weld County Coordinator for Phil Weiser’s re-election for Colorado Attorney General, I am honored to help lead the effort for Phil’s campaign in Weld County. In 2018, I was impressed with Phil’s background and commitment to the rule of law. Following his great accomplishments over the last few years, I continue to be proud of his role as our Attorney General.

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Phil believes that “As public servants, our north star is to listen, work together to solve problems, and deliver results. Even during this challenging time, I believe we can overcome the divisions and toxicity in our politics.” And that is what sets Phil apart — a commitment to fostering cooperation and common solutions for a better Colorado.

Phil’s back story is inspiring — his grandmother, a World War II concentration camp survivor, gave him the following approach to life: “as long as you hold on to hope, nothing is truly lost.” And that is what makes Phil so special — sincere optimism and an approach that inspires others to great things.

Over the last three years, Phil has visited every county in the state. His key accomplishments in his term to date include:
Arguing and winning a U.S. Supreme Court case defending the integrity of Colorado’s elections;
Bringing over $400 million to Colorado by suing Big Pharma;
Fighting to stop the flow of dangerous fentanyl and leading on important public safety measures; and
Returning tens of millions in refunds to consumers, including from major companies like CenturyLink, DIRECTV, and Wells Fargo.

Phil continues to defend our democratic institutions, protect our rights, address the opioid epidemic, advance public safety, stood up for consumers, and protected our land, air, and water. But there is still much more to accomplish.

We know that the election will be challenging but I hope that you will join me in working for Phil’s re-election along with all of our other great Democratic candidates. Thank you for your support!


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