Democrat is ready to challenge Republican incumbent

On April 15, 2024, Mark Matthews, MD, FACP, announced that he is the Democratic candidate for Colorado House District 64. Matthews’ opponent in the election is incumbent Ryan Armagost.

Matthews, who spent four decades as an internal medicine physician, is running to return a voice of reason and compassion to the House, and to ensure that Colorado will continue to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities he grew up with.

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A platform with a purpose

“My goal is to bring positive changes for the people of Colorado. I will put people first and fight for the initiatives that will improve their lives and those of future generations.”

Matthews is running on a three-plank platform that addresses the issues that are top-of-mind for Coloradans. They are guaranteeing access to healthcare for all, supporting public education, and improving affordable housing options.

Access to healthcare for all

As a physician, Matthews understood firsthand the value of doctor-patient relationships and will fight to keep the government out of mandating healthcare decisions. Healthcare includes protecting reproductive freedom for everyone.

“In listening sessions across the district, I’ve heard from many people who are fearful that their freedoms are going to be further eroded – the freedom to make choices about their own bodies, the freedom who they can marry. I want to make sure Colorado enshrines those freedoms in our Constitution, settling the matter once and for all.”

Support for public education

Matthews knows that a quality public education system is the best way to launch students towards social, occupational, and economic success. He wants every child, regardless of zip code, to attend a safe and high-quality school with ample highly qualified teachers and administrators. The best method of supporting public education is by supporting the unions that support education and the teachers who make it thrive.

“Every parent wants their kid to have a great education in a safe, welcoming environment. And most folks agree that teachers are sorely underpaid. I want to work across the aisle to find funding solutions to fix this so all kids have the best shot at a great future.”

Affordable housing

Housing costs have skyrocketed in Colorado and has resulted in fewer people with adequate housing. Matthews plans to make affordable housing a top priority in the 2024-2025 session.

“So many Colorado families are struggling every day to pay rent or their mortgage, along with all of the other rising costs of living. Their voices need to be heard at the capitol. I want to be the voice that advocates for working class families in northern Colorado.”

Running to change the tone

Matthews wants to return compassion and respect to political proceedings, and understands that the public is looking to leaders to get along and get things done. He knows that Weld and Larimer counties deserve a candidate who will bring reason and civility to the Colorado House of Representatives.

“My opponent has consistently used social media platforms to call his fellow legislators childish names and post derogatory memes. I want to use my time at the legislature to pass bills that will help my community.”

Matthews lives in Mead, Colorado with his wife of 46 years, Ellyn, and their assorted farm animals. His four children and six grandchildren are scattered across the country. He attended St. John Fischer College for his undergraduate degree and Georgetown University Medical School. He also served as a commissioned officer in the United States Public Health Service.

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