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January has already shown us what an eventful year 2024 will be, and the Colorado Democratic Party needs your help making sure that we’re building a platform that gives both you and our candidates a vision of what we can accomplish together this November and beyond as we chart a path to the future. 
We know that our platform is rooted in our values as a Party, invites more people to join us, and unites us across all counties and regions of our state.
 Our platform is by the people and for the people, and we are asking you to take part in our grassroots Platform process to offer your thoughts or values for our State Platform Committee to consider. Thank you to our incredible Chair and Vice Chair of Platform, Dennis Obduskey and Stephanie Bowman, for guiding this work.
You can submit your ideas to the committee here: SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS
If you haven’t reviewed our current platform in a while, we recommend you do so here to see where we’re starting from. It is divided into nine content blocks to help you more easily identify areas of interest to you, and should you wish to make proposals, the response form will help get your request to the correct group and be available to your county party.

You can help the State Platform Committee by providing insights that will continue to shape our platform by identifying the most important issues and challenges facing our communities and the best ways to address them. We are a geographically diverse state with a growing and diverse population, and the state platform strives to put Colorado first in promoting our common vision on issues we are all closest to at home.

We’re proud of the progress we have made together, but we know there is more work to do. We need your input to keep moving forward and to ensure that our party is truly representative of the diverse and vibrant people of Colorado.
Your voice matters, and we appreciate your participation.
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