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We are in a political landscape dominated by opportunistic politicians who have abandoned their constituents in other districts and remain disconnected from our challenges. Karen Breslin is someone who stays, even in the face of tough fights, and she is unconditionally dedicated to her rural community where she has lives. For her, this mission is personal. Breslin’s platform focuses on real relief for working people by addressing the outstanding issues of our time: economic inequality, corporate greed, high-interest rates combined with inflation, lack of access to health care, food, and water, housing insecurity, racial injustice and environmental destruction. 

In her first 90 days, she will seek membership to key select committees and hold monthly town hall meetings to collaborate with residents and community leaders to develop a legislative plan while maintaining staff throughout the district to address these issues. 

Karen Breslin’s background as a political science professor, lawyer, former journalist, and former program manager and policy advisor with the National Park Service informs her strong and unparalleled experience in domestic policy, especially environmental policy. Breslin brings a fresh and distinct vision to Eastern Colorado, moving away from worn-out partisan scripts and failed policies. Her vision for Eastern Colorado is straightforward, addressing the challenges of Colorado Congressional District 4 while advancing solutions that support working people. “My dedication to uplifting our neighbors and communities is rooted in my belief that the well-being of each individual contributes to the collective good. Our democracy flourishes when every person is empowered and adequately represented.” 

 Please see Karen’s website, and for more information, please contact Karen Breslin at 303-532-6860, breslinforcongress@gmail.com, or Terry Tucker, Outreach Director, at 720-275-9536, terrytucker2018@gmail.com. Join our effort to give Democrats a real chance to flip CD4 blue! Please sign up for our mailing list and take this journey with us! Thank you!



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