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It sure feels great to have another election cycle done, signed, sealed and delivered. All things considered it has been a banner year. First, The Weld County Dems opened their new office last January. We had a very successful reorganization meeting and election of officers and bonus members. We had record fundraisers in April and August. We recruited candidates for next year’s upcoming election in many key areas, and best of all, Democratic school board candidates won overwhelmingly, not only in Weld, but up and down the state. According to Shad Murib, Colorado Democratic Party Chair, Colorado had record Democratic voter turnout for an odd year election, with more Democrats voting this year than in 2021 and 2019, and we also outperformed Republican turnout!

2023 was a building year and now we can rev up our engines and get ready for a whirlwind, intensive election year. The surging Democratic voter turnout gives me great hope that we have momentum going that will continue into next year and beyond. That doesn’t mean we can rest on any laurels, but that we will have to work hard to keep Colorado blue and inch ever closer to turning Weld County blue as well.

To make this coming election year a blue tsunami we will need bucks and bodies to get out the vote. Let’s give notice to the current election denying Colorado Republican Party, and the MAGA extremists all around that their ideology and falsehoods undermining democracy will not be accepted here. If we can get young people out to vote and minorities and newly arrived Colorado residents to vote, we could turn Weld blue. This is doable. I know in past years many Democrats thought they might be the only ones in Weld, but now we have hope, we have momentum, we have the numbers and we can change our county.

We can’t win without your participation. So as this year closes, I hope your new year’s resolution will be to get involved. Volunteer to write postcards, text or make calls, canvass and knock on doors, train and register people to vote, attend caucus and the convention and assembly, step up to be a precinct leader or chair a committee, or even better be a candidate. We need candidates for county commissioner, sheriff, DA, House District 64, 65 and 48 and depending on where you live, you may find even more local elections in which to run. If you have ever had even a fleeting desire to run, please explore the possibilities. You could be the answer to our prayers and really make a difference in your state, county or community. Our rising political tide can’t float any boats, if there are no boats to float.

If you just are not able to participate by actively volunteering, you can still contribute. Campaigns and elections and parties run on donations, so give generously as often as you can. This is the other side of the winning equation, bucks and bodies that will make winning in 2024 a reality.

Speaking of volunteering and contributing, I hope I will see you all at our holiday party on December 16th at the new LINC library on 8th avenue in Greeley. Our bake sale is another way to contribute to the Party and get some fabulous treats for the holidays. Contributions for the sale are needed too so contact our office if you would like to contribute. The party is a potluck so bring a dish to share for our luncheon. Please concentrate any efforts on a main dish or side, as we want to encourage folks to buy a dessert. We will have some entertainment and you can have a look at the new library if you have not seen it. Festive fun, food and fellowship will be had by all at the Fizziwig Frolic – noon to three.

On behalf of the Weld County officers and executive committee, I want to wish all our Dems a peaceful, joyful, meaningful and memorable holiday. Heartfelt wishes too, for a safe, healthy, prosperous and blue new year.

Beverly Wallace, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party

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