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If you haven’t received your ballot, please contact the County Clerk’s office, or go in person to get another ballot. You can also go vote in person on election day, November 7. Do not attempt to mail your ballot now as it is too late. Please take it to one of the county drop boxes listed on your ballot.

This year, we have so many important races and ballot initiatives. Proposition HH is endorsed by the state and county parties, the League of Women Voters and teacher’s union’s to name a few. Please give it your consideration. The same is true of Proposition II. School board races are imperative to support. There is an onslaught of conservative and religious right agendas being pushed all across the state by groups of candidates funded and supported by Truth and Liberty, a religious organization run by media mogul, TV evangelist, Andrew Wommack. His mission is to destroy public education and make it accountable to religious dogmas (mostly his) all across Colorado and even being pushed around the country. He has partnered with Moms for Liberty and they are well funded. They are putting forth candidates who will follow their lead. Nearly every race in Colorado has some of these candidates. Woodland Park is an example of the chaos that has been brought by these groups. Colorado is the third most educated state in the country, with some of the highest graduation rates. Granted we all have room for improvement in many areas, but letting these right-wing “reformers” on your board will only make things disastrous. Speaking of the League of Women Voters, did you happen to see the article in the Greeley Tribune or hear about it on NPR or CPR? Here is a link to the article. Weld County sued over commission redistricting map – Greeley Tribune The League of Women Voters of Greeley and Weld County and the Latino Coalition of Weld County, both non-partisan organizations, have filed a lawsuit challenging the County Commissioners on improperly redistricting the county, and being out of compliance with state House Bill 21-1047. This will be a long process and a costly one. The two organizations have asked us, the Party, not to be involved as a partisan political organization, because our involvement would be detrimental to their case. However, if Weld Dems want to help in this effort, you can go to the websites of these two organizations and donate, with the tag of Legal Defense Funding for Redistricting Lawsuit.

It is hard to believe that October is gone and you know if you blink your eyes, it will be Christmas before you can believe it. As usual, we won’t have an Executive meeting this month but we will have a meeting on December 7. We now have our OWL up and running so we can have hybrid meetings in person and Zoom. Close after the meeting, we will have our Annual Christmas Party and Bake Sale. This year we will have the party on December 16, a Saturday afternoon, at the new LINC Library in Greeley – 12:30 to 4:00, when we have to be out of the building. If you have not gotten to tour this fabulous new facility, you are in for a treat. The party will be a potluck with some fun entertainment and games, wear your ugly Christmas sweater, bring a dish to share and either contribute to the bake sale or buy something or BOTH! Then if you want to, you can walk across the street to WeldWerks for a beer. This will be a great time to meet and greet old Dem friends and new. I look forward to seeing you there! Happy Thanksgiving and turn your hearts, thoughts and prayers to those who are in the midst of such tragedy this year, here and around the world. May your holiday be one of peace and joy with family and friends.

Beverly Wallace, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party

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