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I am so overwhelmed and grateful for the response to our Roosevelt Dinner and to all the volunteers who made it possible. Not all of the costs and receipts are in yet, but it looks like we exceeded expectations and with the record breaking attendance, we are on a great path toward victory for our candidates and the issues important to Weld County Democrats. Special thanks go to everyone involved in making the Dinner a success: Jude Nordstrom, Hannah Staub, Sandy Anderson, Pat Kiovsky, Teresa Hallenbeck, Julie Elmquist, Barb Niebauer, Patricia Garcia Nelson, Trish Smith, Kim Tregoning, Peg Haller, Paulette Dolin, Wynne Levelle, Kathy Ensz, Barb Whinery, Nancy Niehoff, Tommy Butler, Pat Bruner, Mike Reagon, Delores Gutierrez, all of our silent auction donors, and our last minute helpers – Thank you for all the hard work in making this year’s fundraiser a success. I am also most grateful to Congressman Joe Neguse for being our guest speaker, and for all his words of encouragement and support for the Weld Democratic Party. It was also great to see so many candidates and representatives attend and update us on their campaigns.

We also have good news to report that we received a donation of a Smart TV, television monitor so that we will soon be able to have hybrid Committee meetings with members meeting at the office and virtually at the same time. Thanks so much to Paulette Dolin for providing this to our office.

September is going to be a busy month, with kick- offs for many candidate campaigns. John Padora, Rhonda Solis, Jennifer Parenti, Mary Young, Matt Johnson, Elliott Hood, Joe Neguse and Yadira Caraveo need your support and you may be getting invitations to kick-off events for their campaigns, so please support our candidates and let them know they have your support. Although Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer, is not running for CD8, Yadira Caraveo is not running unopposed. So far, Republican Scott James has registered his intent to run for CD8. James is a current Weld County Commissioner, and former chair of the Weld Republican Party and could be a major threat to keeping our CD8 seat. Please plan on helping with Yadira Caraveo’s campaign.

There are many events this month that could use your help. Parades and information booths are set up for several weekends this month in Mead, Evans, and Frederick. If you can volunteer to help us with any of these, please give the office a call at: 970 351-7047. On September 8, there is a fundraiser for the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care, sponsored by Jeri Shepherd. If you support universal healthcare, don’t miss this event, call the office or check our website for more information. If you are a member of the Colorado State Central Committee, you should have received a Call for the meeting on September 14 th . If you did not receive your call, contact our office and we will get a new link sent to you for the meeting.

Do you have questions regarding Proposition HH? It is a complicated issue, and we would be happy to forward information to you regarding this proposal, to help you understand the issues and what the proposal entails. If you would like more information on Proposition HH, contact our office and leaveyour contact information, and we can forward what we have.

This is going to be a busy month, so stay up to date by checking our website. I am always so amazed by the generosity of our Weld Dems. In an age where personal connections, generosity and concern for the well being of others seems in short supply, Weld Dems always step up to help to connect and show support for others, even others who are nothing like themselves. It is one reason I am a Democrat and have so enjoyed my role in this Party. I do feel sorry for the other party who have lost their way, and have succumbed to infighting, culture wars and listening to the loudest voices and not voices of reason, compassion and caring. This is why we will win. Chaos is not a winning strategy. Democrats offer more…well of everything.

We get things done and care about important issues, not Jewish Space Lasers, wokeness, or transgender cabals and supposedly stolen elections. It is easy to believe in conspiracy theories when you don’t know how anything works. Republicans used to brag about being the party of ideas, now they pride themselves on being the stupid party. Together, we can make change, save the planet, ease gun violence, provide for our most vulnerable and strengthen or economy and standing in the world. It will take work – bucks and bodies to really win in Weld and everywhere.

Bev Wallace, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party


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