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To end Pride Month, we saw two horrific attacks on the rights and dignity of queer and trans Americans. Here in Colorado, the latest fundraising email from the Colorado Republican Party was blatantly bigoted propaganda. Nationwide, we watched in horror as an out-of control and extremist Supreme Court declared that queer and trans people do not deserve the same public protections as other Americans. Both of these assaults on American values stem from the same kinds of lies and defamation that result in attempts to eradicate not only our community, but all others outside the narrow constituency of Trump’s MAGA-Extremists as represented by the Colorado Republican Party. Both the Colorado Republican Party and the MAGA-right Supreme Court have declared for all to hear that they would rather push hate, fear, and violence than protect the rights of queer and trans Americans.

All of this comes at a time when Americans continue to struggle with rising costs of living, a stagnating post-COVID economy, and an ever worsening climate crisis. In the face of these challenges, Republicans would rather promote hatred and discrimination than propose real policy solutions to our greatest challenges. The world that MAGA extremists wish to build protects only their own at the expense of every other American. In the world they are trying to impose on us, queer kids live in fear of being publicly outed, ostracized and bullied, and subjected to direct violence from peers and those meant to protect them. If the MAGA extremists have their way, trans kids will die, by their own hands, by violent mobs, or at the hands of a perverted ‘justice’ system.

Colorado Democrats will not give one inch to this hateful and genocidal rhetoric. We will continue to develop and implement real solutions to the problems Coloradans face, as our Party always has. We call upon Coloradans of all political persuasions, including those affiliated with no party at all, to reject the cowardly scapegoating and craven lies peddled by the Colorado Republican Party. We will never waver in our support for our queer and trans community, and with the support of the people of Colorado, we will continue to thwart every attempt to enact violence or to reduce the freedoms that every Coloradan deserves.

The Colorado Democratic Party
The Stonewall Democrats of Colorado


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