The cicadas are singing, corn is nearly waist high, fairs and festivals abound, back to school signs and supplies have hit the stores and that means August is here and our annual Roosevelt Dinner and major Democratic party fundraiser is in just a few days! IF YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT YOUR TICKETS YET, THE DEADLINE IS AUGUST 3RD. Go to ActBlue to purchase tickets. An invitation was sent to you by e-mail. If you can’t find it, you can go to our website for links and information. This year’s Roosevelt Dinner will feature simple, cool and elegant fare for a hot mid- August and our speaker will be Congressman Joe Neguse. We will also have an amazing silent auction with many treasures and products to choose from. It is always a great night to hang out with other likeminded, generous souls, and get the latest on what’s going on in the Statehouse and Washington, and what you can do to be involved. This is sure to be a great evening you won’t want to miss.

This is going to be a battleground election cycle, and we will need bodies and bucks to fight the good fight to keep not only Colorado blue, but the nation as well. And as always, we will work to turn Weld County blue, just like our neighbors of Larimer, Boulder and Adams counties. The Roosevelt Dinner is our major fundraiser to not only pay the rent and our office and equipment costs, but to gather funds for candidates and electioneering, caucus, assembly, mailings, canvassing, texting, candidate development and training, voter registration drives, and county community event participation. The Weld County Democratic Party is not a membership dues supported organization. We get no state or government funds. Our sole means of support comes from donors like you. Maybe you are too busy to volunteer or get involved, maybe you aren’t as active as you used to be. We desperately need volunteers and welcome them with open arms, but if you can’t volunteer, you can contribute by your donations. Those who can…do, those who can’t donate. But frankly, we will gratefully take both. If you can donate and volunteer, you are someone who can change the world. I look forward to meeting and greeting you At the Roosevelt Dinner, Saturday, August 12th, 5:00 pm, Evans Community Complex at 11th Avenue and 37th Street in Evans.

The fourth of July Parade and Picnic were a great success. We had about 25 people participate in the parade, including elected officials and candidates. We walked with Treasurer Dave Young, HD 50 Representative Mary Young, CD8 Congressperson, Yadira Caraveo, CD8 School Board Representative, Rhonda Solis, Colorado at-Large School Board Representative Kathy Plomer, and City Councilperson, Tommy Butler. A big thank you to Tom and Lee Caggiano for the use of Tom’s truck and trailer, help from Patricia Garcia Nelson and Diego and of course to Rick and Winn Mawson-Levelle for the use of their patio and backyard for the picnic.

Most of all, a great big thank you to our events committee including Pat Bruner, Pat Kiovsky, Sandy Anderson, Hannah Staub, Peg Haller, Kathy Ensz, Paulette Dolan, and Julie Elmquist. Thanks too, to Tommy Butler, Mark Mathews, Mark Anderson, and Dave and Mary Young. A good time with good food was had by all, and the weather even cooperated with us!

One last thing, I would like to thank Pat Bruner for all her help, hard work, good ideas and expertise and experience as our Vice Chair these last near two years, being dragged back to officer status when previous Vice Chair resigned. She then agreed to be elected and stayed on. My profound best wishes to you and your family, Pat. You know there are always open arms here for you.

Lucky soul that I am, I am fortunate to announce Pat Kiovsky stepped up to be elected by the Executive Committee to be our Vice Chair for the rest of this term. Thank you, Pat K. I know we will be able to get great things done this year.

Bev Wallace, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party


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