Happy Independence Day to all Weld Dems. This holiday gives us a chance to show our true colors, and what better way to stand up for our party than to participate in a parade. There are several opportunities around the County that can use your help, your presence or your support. Check with your local parade committee to see if your community has a parade and a Democrat entry. I know that Firestone is having a parade starting at Hart Park and you can walk with Representative Jennifer Parenti. If you live in the Carbon Valley area, show your support there.

Of course, the biggest parade will be in Greeley for the Stampede Independence Day Parade. We will have a float of sorts to ride on and many walkers to support our candidates and the Democratic party. We will need help to set up and decorate the float before the parade. We have received no details on our placement yet in the parade from the Stampede Committee, so watch for details to come in an email blast and on our website. Please come out and help us set up and decorate the float. If this is something you can’t do, we are asking for volunteers to park vehicles at the end of the parade and wait or watch the parade from fifth or sixth street and meet our people at the end so that we can give rides back up to the starting area near the University on 10 th Avenue. This gives our walkers a break from having to walk back up the parade route in the heat. If you would be willing to do that, that would be so much help. Give our office a call at 970-351-7047 to let us know that is something you are willing to do.

After the parade, please head on over to 2255 22nd Avenue (the Mawson-Levelle residence) for our Annual Fourth of July Weld Dems Picnic. Bring a dish to share, according to your last name A-H main dish – I-R side dish or salad and S-Z dessert. Beverages provided. Come meet other Dems, and some of our candidates and elected officials and share in some good times with good people. All are welcome.

The next summer event will be the Roosevelt Dinner in August. This year we will be meeting at the Evans Community Center Complex at 37th Street and 11th Avenue. August 12 is the date and we hope to see you there. We will send out reminders and there will be information in next month’s newsletter as well as on the website. This is a big fundraiser for the Weld Democratic Party and we are counting on you to participate. Joe Neguse will be our guest speaker. We are counting on some major funds to help us with this presidential election cycle and to help keep our current representatives as well as supporting new candidates. Funds also help us keep the doors to our office open and fund outreach and voter registration events. Ticket prices have gone up a bit to help with the rising costs associated with the event. If you are interested in sponsoring a table, call the office. You will also be able to purchase tickets by going to ActBlue. Mark your calendars now.

As always, we need volunteers. We need you to step up and help keep this party viable and active and a force for keeping our democratic way of life secure. We have seen so many gains in the last few years. We have elected Democratic candidates all over Weld County and we are ever steps closer in turning Weld County blue. Your efforts and support will help us encourage Democrats all over the county, to make our voices heard. You can help us fight the gerrymandering stranglehold of our county officials. You can help us fight for environmental protections and ensure clean air, water and accountability to those that abuse our resources. You can help us protect minority voting rights, LGTBQIA+ rights, and protect our education system from authoritarian bullies. Help us fight for affordable housing and veteran’s benefits and healthcare. We can turn the tide on gun violence with your help. So many issues to support and the only way to get anything to change is for you to be the change. Won’t you join us in these efforts?

The Fourth of July is about celebrating freedom. Not just freedom of… but also freedom from. However you celebrate this day, remember that anything worth having, is not easy and is worth working for. May we ensure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and to our Posterity.

Bev Wallace, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party


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