SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER…but it is just the beginning of school board races for this year. Up and down the front range, from Wellington, Thompson Valley, Douglass County, Woodland Park and Colorado Springs, all over Colorado and across the country, there has been a rise of right-wing extremists who have an agenda to control and restrict education. One such group is Moms for Liberty, (an affiliate of Daughters of the Confederacy). With the excuse of protecting children, this group and others have been banning books, inserting religious ideology, constricting teachers and teacher’s unions and pushing a curriculum that stresses nationalism, that has been rejected by our Department of Public Education. Scarily, they have been elected to many school boards with disastrous results. Now those that have this agenda have come to Weld County.

Greeley-Evans District Six has several candidates who have declared and are running that are pushing this agenda and have been bullying our current school board. I recently attended the Republican Women’s forum for school board candidates. I was alarmed by the comments and plans many of these candidates presented. The Colorado State Democratic Party is also concerned about what has been happening in local school boards. It is apparent that right-wing candidates will be coming to a district near you in Weld. I am sure you have read about the chaos in Woodland Park and the disaster in Douglas County, along with the near million-dollar lawsuits. To encourage strong, reasonable, pro public education candidates, the CDP will be sponsoring candidate training for anyone who is willing to run. More information will be forth coming later this month. The main mission of the Weld County Democratic Party is to find, foster and elect good candidates. If you have ever thought about running for something, school board is a good place to start. This is such an important office and the work of school boards impact thousands of families. We also need to make sure we support and spread the word for common-sense school board candidates when they announce their candidacies.

Now that school is out, the summer events and holidays are in full swing, On June 3, the Weld Dems are participating in the Johnstown BBQ Days Parade. WE NEED VOUNTEERS to help decorate the float and participate in the parade. You may have received an email about this.
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Annual BBQ Day Parade, with check-in and lineup at 8:00-9:00 AM –  at Rolling Hills Ranch Blvd and 3rd St.​ There’s a modified route with a new starting point due to construction on Charlotte Ave.

We’re also beginning to plan for the Greely Stampede, Fourth of July Parade, and Weld Dems Picnic on July fourth. We need volunteers for this event as well. If you have summer events in your Weld County town and would like Democratic Party participation, please let our office know. Email: or call us at 970-351-7047.

This is an off-cycle election year, but we will need to remain vigilant and to work on raising awareness and funds for the 2024 election cycle. As always, any support you can give to help us prepare for upcoming elections, events and candidate support is always appreciated.

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Bev Wallace, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party


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