What a stormy start for the month of March. On March 1st , the County Commissioners are meeting to redistrict the county to pick their voters for the next session of five or more years. You have probably seen the articles in the paper, gotten emails from the party or have seen posts on social media. We are hoping a good number of folks can send in emails or letters and attend the Board Meeting on the first at 9 am at 1150 O Street. We may not be able to change their minds or their plans, but at least we can put them on notice and the public on notice that we do not approve of how they are responsible for drawing the voting boundaries and that the boundaries they have drawn directly benefit the commissioners and their ability to stay on the board. They have completely dominated every seat, as a Republican-only member Board of County Commissioners, for over 30 years. If this is not gerrymandering, I am not sure what would be a better example. If you can, plan on attending the meeting, or at least send in an email.

The last few weeks have been full of activity. Democrats in Weld, and nearly all counties had their reorganization and election of officers and bonus members. Congratulations to all elected. The list is contained elsewhere in the newsletter. I am so grateful to the team who put together, ran and tallied the results of the meeting. Thanks in particular to Perm Organization Chair, Ken Clark, along with Carol Burkhart. Pat Bruner, Barb Niebauer, Pat Kiovsky, who really worked to handle all of the data and technical issues. Thanks also to Teresa Hallenbeck and Julie Elmquist for office, communication and meeting help, also thanks to Tommy Butler, Ann La Plante and Jeri Shepherd for credentials and all of the breakout district meeting leaders for each room. So many hours went in to make the meeting and elections successful and run smoothly. It is so great to know we have dedicated, skilled, competent people who will step up to get things done. I also am so grateful for each and every person who stepped up to be elected in different districts, and to be bonus members. We have a lot to accomplish in the next two years, and we can build on the momentum of the successes of the last two.

Now we can look forward to multi-county house and senate district reorganization coming soon in the next few weeks, and State Assembly coming April first. If you are interested in going to the Obama Dinner this year, please send a request for tickets to wd.centralcomm@gmail.com. Please also keep your calendar open for our Century Club fundraiser and party, Sunday April 16 at Kimberly Event Center – 1029 S. 8th Ave in Greeley. Finally, if you remember Rose Takamoto, who moved to California after many years in Greeley and who was a hardworking Dem, she will be back in Greeley on March 12 th and her daughter is having a meet and mingle party on March 12th from 1:30-4:30 at Farr Library.

Just three more weeks until Spring. The year is really going by, and there will be much to do to get ready for upcoming elections and 2024. Thanks for all your passion and hard work.

Beverly Wallace, Chair

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