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Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

Did you know there are over 60 million disabled persons in the United States and that 38 million are eligible to vote? Often the disabled are marginalized, and one in three don’t believe that anyone in Washington or in the local electorate cares about their issues or needs. Disabled voters are all too often victims of voter suppression, and many elections have not taken into account their needs or considered what barriers exist that prevent them from registering and voting.

The Weld County Democrats want to extend encouragement and be a guide to resources that can help our disabled brothers and sisters exercise and protect their rights to vote. This year, September 12-16 is designated as Disability Voting Rights Week. The Weld County Democrats want to strengthen the power of the disability vote in our communities during the week of September 12 16, 2022. Disability Voting Rights Week is a national, nonpartisan initiative this September to build the power and presence of the disability vote.

Disability Voting Rights Week is coordinated by the American Association of People with Disabilities’ (AAPD) REV UP Voting Campaign. This Disability Voting Rights Week, we have a message for all disabled voters: Your vote is your right and your vote is powerful. With millions of people with disabilities eligible to vote, yet often excluded from democracy, there is a large turnout gap between voters with and without disabilities. Our disabled community is regularly left out of the political process and ignored in policies that directly impact lives.

This Disability Voting Rights Week, we are rallying the disability vote. We want to work to spread the word and make sure this community is supported with voter registration, that they are empowered to vote, and that their access to the ballot is not impeded. When people with disabilities unite and advocate for civil and disability rights, meaningful change occurs. In 2022, millions of disabled people will cast their ballots in elections across the country that will impact access to health care, financial security, the ability to live in community, and so much more. We must “vote as if [our] lives depend on it, because,” as Justin Dart, the father of the ADA said,” they do!”

You can help us get the word out, post or share this information to your social media, talk with your elected leaders, share this at your church groups, book clubs and any social group you belong. If you have disabled friends or relatives, let them know that September 12- 19 is a week that will concentrate on getting some attention to the needs of disabled voters.

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