To start things off this month I want to thank our many donors who have contributed to our Get Out The Vote Campaign –“ Vote Blue in ‘22” We have raised just shy of $1400 toward our goal of $3000. We have spent close to $1000 to print and mail 2000 postcards to people who did not vote in the last mid-term. We hope to raise enough to print and send at least 2000 more to newcomers and women. We have also now secured a texting company to help us and we will be using some of these funds to send out texts to reach Dems and Unaffiliated voters before the election.

Thank you to all our sustaining donors, you make our outreach possible and keep the lights on for us. If you could consider being a sustaining donor, that is one of the best ways to really support our local party and our local efforts. Thanks too to Trish Smith for donating the hats, pins and ties for our donor efforts. They are really fun. You can acquire them by a donation and then pick them up at the office.

We have secured a political marketing mail permit, which allows us to mail bulk and it will allow us to save a considerable amount on postage. With these savings, we can help local campaigns and increase our mailings.

If you are asking yourself, could I be of help, you could be of great help by being part of one our teams to address these postcards and mail pieces. We will also need help in cutting, sorting and getting them to the post office. We will also need help with texting and phone banking. If you are proficient in Spanish or other languages, we could sure use your help as well with contacting our non-English speaking voters in writing and in calling and translating. The CD-8 office is especially looking for help in this regard.

The CD-8 Coordinated Campaign opened an office in Greeley on 35th Avenue. They are in need of help with supplies if you might be feeing generous and want to help them out with office supplies, snacks, water or chairs. CD 4 also has a similar Coordinated Campaign. They also could use your help. Call the Weld Dems office if you want to help us out with any of these, or sign-up on our Weld County Dems website

Finally, we will always need boots on the ground. If you are able- bodied, have some free-time and are willing to go out and talk to your neighbors and or just drop off a note with some campaign literature or slate cards, we are needing you most of all. Registering new voters, as well as voters who have changed residences is also important and you can get training to help us get people registered to vote. We also will need poll watchers. If that is something you could dedicate some time to, we can get you trained and ready for November.

So much is at stake this year. It will probably be the most important vote of your lifetime. We cannot allow the House or Senate be taken over by Republicans…not in D.C or in Colorado, or ANYWHERE!

Everything we have achieved and worked for, for decades, is in peril. The loss of Roe and contraceptive rights are just the tip of the iceberg. Their agenda is to undo rights to contraception, marriage equality, and to reverse affirmative action, Title IX, destroy teacher unions, and control what is taught in schools. Their agenda is to abolish the separation of Church and State, undo any and all climate legislation, and regulation, as well as undermine and suppress voting rights Also on their agenda is to rob and gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and kill any healthcare programs. They will continue to vilify immigrants, and if you think that they will only be concerned with illegal immigrants, maybe do some reading on how most immigrants were treated in the last several centuries here, especially those of color or not Protestant Christian.

You have many opportunities to support a great slew of local and statewide candidates. Pick your favorites and offer your time and skills to get out the message of Vote Blue in ’22… all down the ballot.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign the 63 petition for education to get it on the ballot, please contact Mary Young, or our office to find out where you can sign to help with this important ballot issue.

Do become a friend and fan of all our Weld Dems and CD-8 Facebook pages, our website and this newsletter. Contributing, liking and sharing are also ways to get our message out to Dems and Unaffiliated voters.

We can accomplish nothing without your support. We are so grateful to all who have devoted their time, their energy and their monetary donations to the cause and support of the Weld County Dems. I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming Roosevelt Dinner on August, 27, at the Milliken YMCA (Same as last year). If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, You can go to the Actblue connection from our website to buy your tickets. It will be a great night of fellowship, food and the opportunity to bid on some really great auction items. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Yadira Caraveo.

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