The Ethics Committee exists to provide a process for any party member who feels that anyone acting for Weld County Democratic Party has treated them in an unfair, unethical, or discriminatory manner, to present their grievance for redress without fear or censure or reprisal.


  • The Ethics Committee shall be composed of 3-5 members appointed by the County Chair. If any of the members are named in the grievance, they shall not be involved in the handling of the complaint.
  • A Grievance Panel shall be composed of 3 members, selected by the Ethics Committee. (The Ethics Committee may create a panel of 5 members when in their judgement special circumstances may so dictate).


The Ethics Committee reports to the County Chair and the Executive Committee


The Ethics Committee meets at least once a year to review procedures and protocols, and when needed by the submission of a grievance.

The Grievance Panel meets when called by the appointed Ethics Committee.  The first meeting must be called within two weeks after the submission of a grievance, and sessions should continue as frequently as practical until a decision is reached. All members selected for the panel must be present for the panel to act.


The Ethics Committee

  • Review procedures and protocols, making appropriate recommendations for improvement.
  • Assures that the most current grievance policies and procedures are accurately published.
  • Receives grievances.
  • Forms a grievance panel on a case-by-case basis.
  • Ensures that proper protocol is followed.
  • Report findings of the grievance panel to County Chair and the Executive Committee
  • Maintains records of each grievance according to established protocol.

 Committee Rules:

  • The Ethics Committee develops agenda as the need arises.
  • Grievances must be submitted to Chair of the Ethics Committee using the Grievance/Complaint Form
  • The Ethics Committee appoints members of the Grievance Panel on a case-by case- basis.
  • All members of the Grievance Panel must be present before business is conducted.
  • Findings of the Grievance Panel are reported to the parties involved in the grievance and to the County Chair and Executive Committee for implementation. These findings are made in writing and include the rationale which was used in coming to each decision.
  • The Chair of the Ethics Committee retains all copies of the minutes of the grievance proceedings along with other documents pertaining to the grievance according to WCDP protocol.


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