Virtual Weld County Assembly/Convention Documents

The Weld County Democratic Party will be holding it’s assembly and convention virtually in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Below are important documents that all those that wish to attend should read. 


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Assembly and Convention to be held virtually on March 28, 2020
Report submitted March 23, 2020

COMMITTEE: This is the report of the 2020 Weld County Assembly and Convention Credentials Committee. The committee consists of Ann la Plante, Chair, Ray Nelson, Sherrie Sutton, Bev Wallace and Valerie Whitney. The Credentials Committee met telephonically on Thursday, March 19, 2020 and through email and phone consultations.

1. A request for consideration was filed from the caucus in Precinct 114. The issue was that the request to be considered for election to be a delegate submitted by Dave Young was not received by the Romanoff sub-caucus when it elected its four delegates. Another duly elected Delegate, Therese Gilbert, agreed to cede her delegate position to Dave Young and submitted written authorization for that change. The committee considered several other options, including half delegate positions or proxies, and determined that the best resolution was to allow Dave Young to be assigned the delegate slot from Therese Gilbert. That motion was unanimously approved.

2. A Democrat who affiliated after the February 14, 2020 affiliation deadline for participation at the caucus asked to be considered to be allowed to carry a proxy at the Weld County Assembly and Convention. The Committee determined that anyone not eligible to be elected as a delegate to the Assembly and Convention should not be allowed to carry a proxy either. The Committee asked that this person be afforded access to the virtual assembly and encouraged to volunteer in other ways. That motion was unanimously approved.

3. The sub-committee processing the caucus results was authorized by the Chair to administratively disqualify anyone elected as a delegate who had not affiliated as a Democrat by the February 14, 2020 deadline. The Committee voted to formally disqualify anyone from being a delegate or Precinct Committeeperson who was not affiliated as a Democrat by the statutory deadline. That motion was unanimously approved. Three people were elected as delegates to the County Assembly and Convention who did not meet the affiliation deadline were administratively disqualified.

4. Preliminary reports indicate that 123 Precinct Committeepersons were elected by the caucuses, from 84 different precincts out of Weld County’s 156 precincts. The Committee unanimously approved presenting the duly elected PCPs for approval by the Weld County Assembly and Convention. 

5. A Delegate who had moved to another precinct asked to assign a proxy to another Delegate. After discussion it was determined that the originating Delegate could vote through an assigned proxy, but could not be a candidate to further assemblies.

APPROVAL OF REPORT: 285 delegates were duly elected from the caucuses in Weld County. Approval of this report shall constitute certification of those delegates and Precinct Committeepersons and approval of the decisions outlined in this report.

Prepared by Ann la Plante
Chair, Weld County Assembly and Convention Credentials Committee:
March 23, 2020

Agenda and Order of Business

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Rev.Final 3-27-2020

Agenda and Order of Business

2020 Weld County Democratic Assembly/Convention and Assemblies for 19th Judicial District, County Commissioner Districts 1 and 3; House Districts 48, 50, and 63; and meeting of Weld portion of SD 23.

Webinar, 9 AM, Saturday, 3-28-2020     Assembly/Convention 3-28 through 4-4-2020 

  1. Meeting is called to order by County Chair
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Welcoming remarks by Chair and explanation of assembly and webinar process
  4. Presentation of Credentials Committee Report (emailed prior to)
  5. Presentation of Permanent Organization Committee Report (emailed prior to)
  6. Election of delegates to Conventions based on Presidential Primary
    1. CD4 Convention delegate ballot
    2. State Convention delegate ballot

Preference polls for US Senate, CD4 and SD 23 close at 9 am March 30.

  1. US Senate preference poll and election of State Assembly delegates
    1. Speakers
    2. State Assembly delegate ballot
  2. US Congressional District 4 preference poll and election of CD 4 Assembly delegates
    1. Speakers
    2. CD4 Assembly delegate ballot
  3. State Senate District 23 preference poll and election of delegates to SD 23 Assembly
    1. Speakers
    2. SD23 Assembly delegate ballot

Designation for Primary ballot of all candidates receiving 30% assembly vote will be by email and/or mail ballot. Vacancies in designations will be referred to vacancy committees established in Permanent Organization Report.

  1. Nomination of county-wide candidates to the State Primary Ballot
    1. County Commissioner At-large
    2. District Attorney, 19th Judicial District
  2. County Commissioner District Assemblies to designate candidates for State Primary
    1. County Commissioner District 1: Nominate and second candidates
    2. County Commissioner District 3: Nominate and second candidates
  3. State House District Assemblies to designate candidates for State Primary
    1. House District 48: Nominate and second candidates
    2. House District 50: Nominate and second candidates
    3. House District 63: Nominate and second candidates
  4. Platform Committee Presentation. (Balloting by emailed ballot)
  5. Discussion of future events
    1. CD4 Assembly and Convention April 17
    2. State Assembly and Convention April 18
  6. Closing Remarks
  7. Recess
  8. WCDAC will reconvene by emailed Report of WCDAC
  9. Adjournment will be no later than 8:59 AM on 4-4-2020.

Report of the Permanent Organization Committee

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2020 Weld County Democratic Assembly and Convention and the Assemblies for 19th Judicial District,

House Districts 48, 50 and 63, and County Commissioner District 1 and 3.

1. DURATION OF ASSEMBLIES/CONVENTION: The 2020 Weld County Democratic Assembly/Convention (WCDAC) will be held by webinar, email and mail over a seven (7) day period, authorized under Colorado House Bill 20-1359, Section 4, 1-4-602(III) (A). The assemblies and convention will convene at 9 a.m. on March 28, 2020 and adjourn at 8:59 am. on April 4, 2020. Prior to adjournment, the presiding officer shall provide to all delegates an email report of assembly/convention voting results, record of credentialed delegates and summary of official actions.


2. TEMPORARY OFFICERS: The officers of the Weld County Democratic Central Committee (WCDCC) shall act as temporary officers of the WCDAC. The Chair of the WCDCC shall call the Assembly to order and shall preside over all county and district assemblies until the permanent officers are chosen in accordance with these rules.


3. PERMANENT OFFICERS: The temporary officers of the assemblies shall be the permanent officers upon adoption of this report.


4. EMERGENCY RULES: Assemblies and convention will operate under EMERGENCY RULES adopted by the Colorado Democratic Party, which waive certain procedures and allow for remote or electronic meeting options. Provisions of the Emergency Rules include:

a. Quorum. The quorum requirement is waived for 2020 assemblies and conventions. Organizers are encouraged to maximize participation by all delegates remotely or by proxy.
b. Proxies. Under these emergency rules a person may carry up to five (5) proxies, instead of the usual one in order to increase participation and protect public health and safety. A proxy may be directed (instructed as to votes).

5. AGENDA: The Agenda for the WCDAC shall be as presented in the “Official Call to Order” attached to this report and emailed to delegates prior to the Assembly. At the discretion of the Chair, the order of business may be altered for candidate presentations or essential business of the Assembly.


6. CREDENTIALS: The Credentials Committee of the WCDAC shall serve as the Credentials Committee for all assemblies held in conjunction with the WCDAC. The report of the Credentials Committee will be emailed to the Assembly. The report will:

a. Recommend certification of delegates. Duly accredited delegates to the WCDAC and district assemblies shall be those persons selected by their precinct caucus who return their emailed WCDAC Main Ballot.
b. Recommend certification of precinct committee people (PCP) elected at the caucuses;
c. If any challenges have been heard, the Committee Chair shall report the findings and recommendations of the Committee.

7. PERMANENT ORGANIZATION: The Report of the Permanent Organization Committee will be emailed to delegates recommending an agenda and order of business, as well as the procedural rules of the WCDAC and district assemblies. Upon adoption by the WCDAC delegates on the WCDAC Main Ballot, the Permanent Organization report shall govern conduct of all assemblies held in conjunction with the WCDAC.



a. All balloting will be conducted under the direction and procedures of the WCDAC Election Board.

b. The deadline to return the WCDAC Main Ballot by email, mail or delivery is 9 a.m. on 3-30-2020.

c. The preference polls for U.S. Senator and Congressional District 4 (CD 4) Representative will be conducted by email on the WCDAC Main Ballot. The Preference Poll will end at 9:00 a.m. 3-30-2020.

d. Other voting will be conducted by email ballot or mail

e. Email votes cast must be identified as to voter’s name. Ballots may be voided if a ballot is unidentified or a ballot is not cast in accordance with the adopted procedures of the assembly. Balloting documentation must be maintained for a 45-day period following the 4-4-2020 adjournment of assemblies.



a. Candidates must give written notice of candidacy to the chair of the district central committee ten (10) days before the nominating assembly.

b. An assembly shall take no more than two ballots for each office. The presiding officer and secretary of the assembly shall certify every candidate receiving 30% or more of the votes cast on the Official WCDAC Main Ballot. If no candidate receives 30% or more of the votes, the assembly will proceed using CDP Rules provisions.

c. Candidate Acceptance and Designation by Assembly forms must be filed by May 1, 2020.

Weld Assembly delegates who live in SD 23 will elect up to 54 delegates to the SD 23 Assembly. A SD 23 preference poll will be conducted by email on the WCDAC Main Ballot. Potential SD 23 delegates will sign up on the Main Ballot and will be chosen by lot in proportion to results of the preference poll.

11. NOMINATING, SECONDING AND ACCEPTANCE SPEECHES: A total of 7 minutes will be allotted for the purpose of nominating and seconding a candidate and candidate speeches. Either the nominator or one person seconding a candidate must be a member of that assembly.

Adoption of the Permanent Organization Committee report constitutes establishment of the following Vacancy Committees for the purpose of filling vacancies in nomination for public office, unless a different vacancy committee is specifically established by majority vote of an assembly.

a. For county-wide offices (Commissioner At-Large and District Attorney), the Weld County Democratic Executive Committee
b. For county commissioner district or single-county house and senate district offices, with the exception of HD 50, the officers of the district and members of the Weld County Democratic Executive Committee who live in the district.
c. House District 50 Vacancy Committee shall be the members of the district central committee.



a. Delegates to any assembly or convention must have been registered as Democrats and eligible to participate in a precinct caucus on March 7, 2020.
b. Any delegate to the County Assembly/Convention may seek election to the State and/or Congressional District assemblies and conventions by emailed notification to the Weld Democratic Party by March 21.
c. The Election Board will certify results of the preference polls to the Assembly Chair. By email, the Chair will announce the U.S. Senate, CD 4 and SD 23 candidates who have met the threshold vote to receive delegates to the 2020 State, CD 4 and SD 23 assemblies and the number of delegates each candidate is entitled to elect.

(1) If the number of people who seek election as delegates exceeds the number allocated to a candidate, that candidate’s delegates shall be determined by lot.
(2) County assembly delegates whose candidate preference does not meet the 15% threshold may notify the Weld County Party by 9 a.m. on 4-1-2020 as to their new ballot preference for State, CD4 or SD 23 assembly, and their names will be added to the ballot of their choice.
(3) If the total number of candidates for delegate to higher assemblies and conventions is less than the county’s delegate allocation, balloting for delegates will be waived.

d. Colorado Democratic Party Emergency Rules provide:
Appointing Delegates to Empty Positions. If after an assembly has convened (and even with adjusted proxy options and expanded e-participation options) a jurisdiction does not have enough people elected for allowed Delegate positions, the county officers may appoint a delegate to an empty position provided that it is in writing and only if that person matches the same candidate preference designated for that position.
e. Each candidate in a contested primary ballot race may designate one observer to the tabulation of ballots in that race if feasible under emergency orders of the State of Colorado. Names of designated observers shall be provided to chair of the Election Board.



a. Delegates from the WCDAC to State Convention will be allocated based on the Colorado Presidential Primary statewide vote. Delegates to the CD 4 Convention will be allocated based on the Primary vote in CD 4.
b. State and Congressional delegates will be those elected on the WCDAC Main Ballot.
c. If the number of people who seek election as delegates exceeds the number allocated to a candidate, that candidate’s delegates shall be determined by lot.
d. If the number of candidates for delegate is less than the candidate’s allocation, balloting for delegates will be waived, and vacant delegate positions may be filled by appointment of the county officers under CDP Emergency Rules.


15. CERTIFICATION OF DELEGATES: Certified delegates to higher assemblies and conventions shall be those delegates elected through the WCDAC balloting, vacancy appointment or proxy procedures.


16. MEMBERS OF STATE AND CONGRESSIONAL ASSEMBLY CREDENTIALS AND PERMANENT ORGANIZATION COMMITTEES: The County Chair is authorized to appoint Weld County’s members of the committees.



a. Proposed Platform planks that pass by two-thirds majority vote will be included in the adopted Weld County Democratic Party Platform.
b. Voting will be done by emailed ballot. Voted Platform ballots must be returned by email, mail or delivery by adjournment of the Assembly on April 4.
c. The adopted Platform will be available on the WCDP website: within 30 days.


18. SPEAKING TIME LIMITS: The WCDAC Chair will assign specific speaking time limits for guests, candidates and candidate surrogates. Except for purposes of nominating a candidate, all other candidates and surrogates will be limited to 3 minutes.


19. CHALLENGES: Challenges to all Assemblies (State, Multi-County Congressional, Multi-County Legislative and Multi-County Judicial).

a. Any person desiring to contest the selection of a delegate to the State Assembly must give notice in writing to the State Chair within ten (10) days after the date of the county assembly. Refer to the 2020 CDP Delegate Selection Plan for details.
b. The same process applies to any challenge of a delegate to any other multi-county district assembly with the notice going to the appropriate District Chair for consideration by the Credentials Committee of the district assembly, provided such challenge is filled at least 3 days before the Assembly of the District.
c. Delegates and alternates not registered as Democrats shall automatically be disqualified.

20. AUTHORITY FOR PROCEDURAL CHANGES: The officers of the Weld County Democratic Central Committee are authorized to make procedural changes in the conduct of the WCDAC if necessitated by technological conditions or other emergency situations.


19. OTHER PROVISIONS: All rules and procedures not specifically established for the assemblies shall be governed by the 2020 Colorado Delegate Selection Plan, Colorado Democratic Party Plan of Organization and Rules, CDP EMERGENCY RULES and Robert’s Rules of Order, 10th Edition.


Submitted by the Weld County Committee on Permanent Organization this 22nd day of March, 2020.
Barb Whinery, Chair, WCDAC Permanent Organization Committee

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