For those of you in South West Weld County, the Mountain View Fire Protection District is having an election in May. You will not be receiving a ballot in the mail, and if you want a ballot you will have to request one, or you will be able to vote in person.

This is a list of Candidates running
1. Todd Venrich
2. Tem Dowo Dieudonne Sedegan
3. Suzanne DeVenny
4. Collen G. Whitlow
5. John Heisler

We have only received information from one candidate on the list. Please look over his bio and do investigate all of the candidates listed to determine which candidate most closely reflects your values. Tem Dowo Dieudonne Sedegan, affectionally called “Donne” for short is a Colorado, specifically Mead, resident. He lived in Longmont, Boulder County for nearly 21 years prior to purchasing a home in Mead, Weld County. His career spans more than 22 years in the Insurance and Risk Management industry working with the most respected multinational risk management organizations in the country and the world. His specialty is natural disasters insurance underwriting as well as risk management, mitigation solutions, and community recovery planning. He will use his knowledge and skills in risk management to promote and improve the fire protection capabilities of our community. Prior to his career in the insurance industry, he worked with several non- profit organizations serving underprivileged communities in Benin, West Africa.

He enjoys volunteer work and has volunteered on many occasions with Habitat for Humanity and A Precious Child here in Colorado. His hobbies consist of gardening, jogging, recreational bike riding, and a great passion for soccer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and holds multiple designations in the Insurance and Risk Management industry and a certification in Project Management.

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