First of all, I would like to thank everyone who worked so diligently to make Caucus and Assembly this year a success. Without the leadership of the Permanent Organization Committee, Carol Burkhart and Ken Clark, as well as the Permanent Organization team, Pat Kiovsky, Barb Whinery, Pat Bruner, and especially the data and tech support of Barb Niebauer, we never could have pulled off these huge virtual meetings. Thanks too for the tech expertise of Troy Whitney. Thanks also for the efforts and advice of Theresa Hallenbeck, Lyn Nelson, Ann La Plante, Jeri Shepherd, Amanda Jaksha and Jerad Sutton.

I would also like to thank everyone who attended both caucus and assembly. Although we had hoped that the participation would have been greater, the turnout for the virtual events were amazing and very enthusiastic. We were very excited to welcome many of our elected officials and candidates. We have had a chance now to catch our breath and then it is onward to the many, many upcoming multi-county assemblies for House, Senate and Congressional Districts next week, and the State Assembly, April 9th. (If you attended Caucus and Assembly and have not received a call for the multi-county assemblies, please contact the Dems office at 970-351-7047).

This has been a topsy-turvy year, and still many people are confused about what Congressional, State, House, or Commissioner District they are in, as well as precinct. For this reason, I believe that is why we don’t have candidates for many of our House and Senate Districts, and even precinct leaders for many precincts. We are still looking for persons interested in being a candidate for House District 48, 63, 65, and Senate District 1. Our Vacancy Committee can still consider a candidate until April 28th. We also need candidates for County Commissioner, County Clerk, Sheriff and Assessor. Since this is a year of firsts for many of these redistricted districts, this is our best opportunity to put forth a candidate to measure what response we can hope for and have a wideopen chance of winning. If you can step up to be a candidate in one of these open districts, please contact me at There is no reason for us to just hand over these districts to the Republicans…many of their candidates who have stepped up are radical, Q-anon, election deniers. Please consider what that will mean for Weld County and the State. If you can step up or know someone who might be a good and willing candidate, contact me as soon as possible.

The mid-term election cycle is just beginning. Please consider how you are going to get involved. Candidates will need your help. Elections will need your help. Staying idle in an election cycle that can truly determine the future of democracy and the future of this state and country is not an option. Plan today on what you can do and will do.

Beverly Wallace
Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party

Weld County Democrats
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