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I’ve known Ray and Lyn Nelson for fourteen years, and can truthfully say that they are some of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. I don’t know what the Weld County Democratic Party would have done without them; they have been a driving force in this party and have touched many of our lives.

I first met Ray and Lyn during the 2008 Obama campaign. Ray phone banked in the corner of the red brick building on 8th Avenue that the campaign called home. It was apparent from the beginning that he had a gift for engaging politically with residents he’d never met, making them feel as if they’d known him all their lives. He showed up for every shift and did yeoman’s work. Such diligence makes campaigns successful. Without volunteers like Ray candidates would be unable to win races.

Ray has worn a lot of hats: he has been first Vice-chair of the party, he’s staffed the office on Tuesday mornings, he’s hauled chairs and helped orchestrate events, he’s worked on caucuses and assemblies, he’s knocked on so many doors in this community that at one point the residents of a neighborhood knew him by sight and would wave at him as he passed by. Ray is the kind of person people don’t easily forget; he’s a character, and those who know him can attest to that. Being a fixture in the Weld County Democratic Party, it’s hard to imagine the office without Ray, cheerfully removing his headset to say, “Hello, let’s have a talk.”

Lyn Nelson was Treasurer of the party for almost a decade. If you arrived at the office in the mornings she could be found multi tasking: filling out reports, organizing paperwork and proceeds from events, chatting with volunteers, answering the phone, and on many days staying long past quitting time. Lyn always took time to listen to those who came to party headquarters. Her kindness, patience and wise counsel made the office a welcoming place.

Often times when problems arose I would call Lyn. It was a comfort to hear her voice on the line. Her clear thinking and honest opinions often helped put complex matters into perspective.

Organizations staffed by volunteers depend on people like Lyn, people who do unseen tasks that often go unnoticed and unappreciated. Lyn Nelson could have done and accomplished so many other things with her time, but chose to dedicate her skills to the Weld County Democratic Party. We are so fortunate that she made that choice.

As political activists we are driven by the passions and issues that are important to us. Sometimes in the fight to preserve our values and ideals it is easy to overlook the human qualities that enable us to function and grow as a team. It is easy to lose sight of our commitment to one another. There have been many times in the past fourteen years that, had it not been for Ray and Lyn Nelson, I might have given up and gone home. Their friendship and dedication has strengthened the Weld County Democratic Party. We all owe them a debt of gratitude. They are valued members of our community.

We wish them joy and happiness as they embark on their new adventure with their family in Utah.

Pat Bruner
1st Vice Chair

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