By Beverly Wallace


This is what democracy looks like! The season is here to participate in the democratic process. Now is the time to get informed and find out for what, and for whom, you are asked to vote. It is your chance to make your voice heard on issues you would like to see brought before the people. It is your chance to pick local representatives to speak on your behalf and support the work that must be done. It is the time for you to step up and get involved. Democracy is not a spectator sport.


The first week of March means it is Caucus time. Our Weld County Caucus is March 5th. Registration begins at 9 and the meeting begins at 10 am. It is a virtual event so you can participate from anywhere as long as you can log in. You should have received an invitation to register for Caucus by email. If you have not received an invitation, we may not have your correct email address. Please send an email to Check out for more information on the Caucus and Assembly Process. If we should have your email on file but you haven’t received an email, please check your spam folder. Be sure to reply to your email invitation and register for the Weld County Caucus. Please tell your friends and family. Help us get the word out. All Caucus attendees will become delegates to the County Assembly March 26th .

To participate in Caucus, you had to be registered as a Democrat by February 11th and if you have moved and didn’t change your address, you will have to attend Caucus based on your voter address as of February 11. If you are a high school student and you are 17, and are registered as a Democrat, (and will be 18 and able to vote in November), or if you are 16 and have registered (because you can, but won’t be able to vote until you are 18) you can participate in Caucus, and are encouraged to do so. You could also win an award for your school by encouraging students to register to vote:

High School Voter Registration Challenge

Student Election Judge Program

Once you have registered for the virtual Caucus event, you will receive a packet of information by email on the rules and how to participate. You should have received a letter in the USPS mail, from our County Clerk, that gave information on redistricting, and how your voting districts have changed. The letter explains your new Congressional, House, and Senate Districts as well as your Precinct, Ward and Commissioner District. If you did not receive this letter, contact the County Clerk’s office.

On March 26, Weld County Democrats will meet for our County Assembly. All caucus attendees will be designated delegates, and able to attend and vote on candidate preference, platform items, and delegates to the multi-county assemblies. This is also a virtual event. On April 7th and 8th , the multi-county House and Senate Districts will have assemblies, and elected delegates from the County Assembly will vote for candidate State Representatives for each district, and delegates for State Assembly. April 9 is the State Assembly and elected delegates will choose Senate and Congressional candidates for the primary ballot.

Phew…It is quite the process, but it cannot function without your participation. Civic duty just doesn’t seem to be a popular notion nowadays, but if we hope to keep this Democracy, all those who are able, must step up and actively participate. We are counting on YOU!

Speaking of elections, We have new leadership in many of our newly re-drawn House and Senate Districts. In House District 19, the new Chair is Sandy Ray of Boulder, Jeffrey Barton, is our Vice Chair and Darcy Riggs is Secretary. The new officers for House District 48 include; Chair, Jaime Jeffery, Dave Rose, Vice- Chair and Holly Hayes, Secretary. House District 50 officers remain the same. House District 63 also remains the same as the previous leaders did not find themselves in a new district. House District 64 new officers: Chair is Pat Kiovsky, Vice-Chair is Deb Suniga, and a Secretary is yet to be elected. For HD 65, the Chair is Yara Zokaie, Vice-Chair is Saul Hopper, and Secretary is Linae Warden, both are from Larimer County. Senate District 13 kept the same officers. New Chair for Senate District 23 is Holly Herson the other positions are yet to be filled. We are still needing candidates for House Districts, 63, 64, 65 and 48 and for Senate District 1 as well as County Commissioners, Sheriff and County Clerk. We are running out of time to get candidates, so if you think you  might want to run, please contact, Beverly Wallace, Chair at (970)351-7047.

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