By Bev Wallace WCDP Chair

By now, you have probably seen the final submitted redistricting maps. If not, you can look at the website, the Colorado Democratic Party website or many news sources like the Colorado Sun, Colorado Public Radio and the Denver Post. Chances are you are now in a totally new district for at least one legislative or congressional district. Weld County will certainly be impacted by the changes. The only district, of the House, Senate or Congressional districts, completely contained in Weld County is HD 50. That will bring about a cross-county cooperation that we have not had to deal with on such a scale before. Our county assemblies and candidate selections will now need to be in conjunction with all counties surrounding Weld.

One of the issues we will be addressing is how not to lose our influence and be usurped by the other counties, many of whom have larger population bases. Another concern, is that the areas in CD 8 have some of the lowest voter turnouts of anywhere in the state. Get out the vote efforts will be paramount in the coming year. We certainly will have our work cut out for us as democrats in these new districts.

This brings me to what is in the works for 2022, your participation is vital to the success of the 2022 elections. This year, caucus will be March 5. It will be a virtual meeting. This year the main purpose of caucus will be electing leaders to attend county assemblies, and to vote on platform proposals. There will be no preference polls for candidates, voting will take place at county assemblies. The caucus process will be short and sweet, but your participation will be a vital first step in the process, so please mark your calendars now! Other important dates will be the County Central Committee meeting held January 29. Precinct leaders will elected at this time (county precincts are re-drawn by the county clerk, and we hope that process will be complete and in place by then). Training for caucus will also be a part of this meeting, but it is important to attend as a current precinct leader as your precinct and role may change.

Other dates to mark on your calendar – March 26 will be Weld County Assembly. Multi-County Assemblies will be April 5-8. State Assembly will be April 9 and State Primary will be June 28, and of course, general elections will be November 8.

Fortune and elections favor the bold. This election year is vital if we want to insure the democratic process is preserved and protected for years to come. We can’t afford to let climate deniers, unscrupulous corporate interests and big oil have unlimited influence. We must keep white supremacy and fascism out of Colorado and the country. History will repeat itself if we fail. Women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and protections could be set back decades and affordable health care will never come to pass. We can kiss a stable economy and immigration reform goodbye. A free press and religious and educational freedom are also on the line. Q-anon and all manner of conspiracy crazies will have carte blanche to spread their lies and misinformation, and the pandemic will never be controlled. If you have never been involved in politics, now is the time to get involved. So much is at stake. Our very lives depend on you. Volunteer and help us get out the vote. Run for something. Donate, and support your favorite candidate. Be a precinct leader, an election judge or poll watcher. Join a phone bank or a canvassing group, or help out at your local Democratic headquarters.

You, yes you are the key to our success. Get ready, stay informed, it is going to be a bumpy roller coaster ride.

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