Current Redistricting Maps Could Cost Weld Democrats Dearly
Your Help is Sorely Needed

By Beverly Wallace

If there is one thing that people can agree on in this incredibly divisive time is that the first rough-draft-map that the Redistricting Commission has shared is universally awful and not what anyone had hoped for.
The congressional map is bad enough, dividing Weld into three different congressional districts, but the legislative is worse. It effectively divides all house and senate districts so that there is no chance of Democrats being able to have a majority say in any district. The only district in which Democrats have won any seat at any table, is in House District 50. The new map will cut this district and make it unlikely for a Democrat to win ever again. It also effectively cuts the University into two separate districts.

In Weld County, there are about 45,000 Democrats or a little over 21 per cent of the 211,714 registered voters. There are about 75,000 Republicans or about 35 per cent, and there are about 88,000 Independent voters or 41.7% per cent. Weld County Democrats deserve more than 0 per cent representation particularly since probably about half the independent voters will also vote democratic.

We will need all the help we can get to influence the commission that what they have initially proposed is not at all representative of Weld County. The mandates from what voters approved in passing Y and Z state that communities of color must have a voice that is not divided, and that the voting rights law of 1964 be adhered to. Neither of these are represented in the current map. The other criteria include making maps competitive. Their proposed map makes no House District of Weld County competitive.

What can you do to help? On August 14, 2021, at noon at the UNC ballroom, the Independent Redistricting Committees will be present to take testimony. This is your chance to make your voice heard and to expose the inequities of what is being proposed. You can register to attend by going to:

From their website …”Those wishing to testify are asked to sign up in advance on the web form. Signups will open one week before each hearing. Only hearings that are currently open for signups appear on the web form. To testify remotely you MUST sign up in advance. If you are testifying in person you are also asked to sign up in advance but may sign up upon arrival.

If you have handouts for the commissioners to accompany your testimony, please bring 20 copies and give them to staff to distribute. You can also submit them as attachments on the web form.

The Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions and the nonpartisan staff invite all Colorado residents to comment on redistricting. All comments must include an accurate identification of the author, and the subject of the comment should be limited to congressional or legislative redistricting. Comments that include threats of violence, threats of economic reprisal, or that seek to influence the Commission or nonpartisan staff through deceit will be dismissed and reported to law enforcement.

In order to ensure that your comments and/or proposed map are considered by the Commission and nonpartisan legislative staff, the comment or map should be consistent with the criteria described in Article V, Section 44.3 or Section 48.1 of the Colorado Constitution, to which the Commission and nonpartisan staff must comply when drafting and adopting the new congressional district map.”

Please consider joining us at the Ballroom on August 14th or by remote access. If you are interested in knowing what you should talk about or ask for, you can contact me at the Weld Dems web page or office, or contact Common Cause, or All on the Line or the Weld County League of Women Voters to get an idea of what other maps are being proposed.



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