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My name is Linda Layne Nelson, but most people just call me Lyn.

I have been Treasurer of the Weld County Democratic Party since July of 2013. At that time we were a dedicated, but overworked, small group with a negative bank balance. In 2021, we are a dynamic and growing organization with a respectable bank balance, visionary leadership and even more dedicated, but overworked, volunteers.

In addition to my work bookkeeping and making sure we stay in compliance with Campaign Finance laws, my time with the local party has included working as an office volunteer on Monday mornings for 8 years, helping the events committee plan and execute the many great get-togethers we have each year for both fundraising and socializing, as well as working with the Perm Org committee to help plan and prepare for Caucuses, Assemblies and Re-Orgs.

Outside of the Democratic Party I am a bookkeeper for both non-profits and for-profit businesses (although currently trying to retire!). I also spent 13 years as a Boy Scout leader and fulfill numerous positions in a small rural church.

It’s certainly been a pleasure meeting and working with Weld Dems – true blue folks, for sure!

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