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It is a great day in Weld County to be a Democrat! I can remember a time when Democrats were few
and far between in this red county, as scarce as hen’s teeth. I have also known other times when we
actually had elected Democrats in local leadership roles. Either way, Democrats are here to stay, going
strong in Weld County, and we have built a lot of momentum over this last year. There are almost
45,000 registered Democrats in Weld County. Unaffiliated voters have the most registered voters at
over 96,000, but there are many, unaffiliated voters that lean Democratic. There are still more
Republican voters registered here than Democrats, but as we watched Colorado turn from a very red
state, to a solid blue, we have hope for positive change. The momentum we have going now will
certainly follow the state’s path, as Weld County becomes increasingly urban, with a steady population
growth. Nearly 4,600 Republicans in Colorado changed their affiliation and left the party after January
6th. No doubt, our county will join along with our blue neighbor counties sooner than later.


That’s where you come in. As the newly elected chair of the Weld County Democrats, I want you to
know that we need you! Democracy is not a spectator sport. To keep the momentum going, we need
your help. “What can I do?” you may ask. “Plenty,” is my response. We have lots of volunteer
opportunities to get involved, not just with the party, but with your community as well. We need
volunteers to register voters. We need help in communicating with our members, writing, calling
texting. Computer savvy people are always in need as data input is really important. We need help with
fund raising, and event planning and candidate development. We need people to help run our home
office and people to run for office and to get out the vote. We need election judges and poll watchers
and help with caucuses. We need letter and article writers, and leaders to encourage youth
participation. Help in serving your community in many capacities that offers support for those in need,
especially during the pandemic is a great way to reach out for the Weld Dems. You can get involved by
visiting our website, and registering, or call our office, and leave a message with your contact
information and what you would be interested in doing.


-Beverly Wallace, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party

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