Apply Now to Be Considered for Colorado’s Independent Redistricting Commissions

In 2018, Colorado voters approved Amendment Y & Z to restructure the redistricting system of mapping and create citizen- based commissions to map Congressional and Legislative Districts.

The goal is to increase transparency and avoid court-drawn maps by empowering independent commissions whose composition reflects Colorado’s racial, ethnic, gender and geographic diversity.

The application process started in mid – August. As of September, 286 applicants had submitted their names. Of those, a little more than 80%, are white; eighteen applicants or 6%, are Hispanic; and only seven, or 2.5%, are Black. The state is 68% white, 22% Hispanic and 4% Black. Almost half the number of applicants are over the age of 65, despite the fact that that age group is only 18% of the voting age of the population. And, roughly three-quarters of applicants are men.

Bottom line…the applicants are not diverse and the deadline for submitting applications is November 10th.
Action is needed. We need more diverse applicants. Please read the attached summary of the application process prepared by Common Cause and submit your application.

Also tell your family, friends and associates about this important effort and encourage them to apply. Weld County needs you to help draw the our future maps so we are fairly represented.

Applications are due by November 10, 2020 to


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