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Judging from the number of people clicking on the Volunteer button on our website,
and judging from the number of people calling the office looking for candidate lawn
signs, and judging from the general disappointment among US citizens regarding our current President, we’d say there is some interest in the 2020 election!
But due to COVID-19, many of our normal ways of Getting Out The Vote have
changed. Now we are more likely to text or call than to knock on doors. Mailing
our candidates’ literature through the US Mail has become increasingly important.
The biggest difference? Texting and mailing cost money!

We’d like to say a GIANT thank you to all of the many people who have pitched in a
little (or a lot!) of extra funding this year and make a big ask to everyone else who has
not contributed to please consider helping your local party GET OUT THE VOTE.

Donation envelopes are available at our office at 810 9th Street, Suite 150, Greeley CO 80631

Office Hours are:
10am to 7pm Mondays
10am to 4pm Tues-Thurs
10am to 7pm Fridays

(970) 351-7047 and (970) 351-8145

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