There are less than 100 days until Election Day. We have less than 100 days to inform voters in Weld County about our county commissioner, state house/senate, and federal Democratic Party candidates.

Please consider giving some of your time in the next 100 days to help our candidates. This could be a 2 hour volunteer shift per week, per month, or whatever amount of time you can give. We need people to make calls, text, drop lit, write postcards, and a variety of other campaign tasks.

Please sign up to volunteer

Jerad Sutton, Chair
Weld County Democratic Party

Make a Plan to Vote and Vote Early

Register to Vote/Verify Information

What is on the Ballot?

How are you voting?

When are you voting?

Vote! Encourage 3 friends to vote too.

Have we mentioned, vote early!

Make sure to vote for democrats from the top of the ticket to the bottom.

Every vote counts!

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