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I officially have yard signs (that are the standard size) and a few very large signs! I am looking for places to put the big ones… busy intersections and corners where folks will see them. I am also looking for anyone who would want to have my yard sign in their lawn!

Most ordinances seem about the same… 45 days prior to an election and taken down within 7 days after the election…
So… they can go up now until July 6th. Then they can go up again around September 20th or so and then come down after the November 3rd election.

Please reach out to me at holly.herson@hollyfor48.com or call/text me 970-342-7585 if you are interested! I would love to drop yard signs off on your porch or come install a large one on your property!

If you know of any contacts for me to reach out to for the large signs, please let me know as well!

Take care and stay well!


Holly A. Herson

Candidate for Colorado State House District 48


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