Small business is the lifeblood of local economies, and I have a deep personal connection to small business. I have worked for a small medical practice for over eleven years, I also own a very new consulting and marketing firm, and my wife has owned her small cleaning business for nearly a decade. We have juggled our businesses while returning to school and having our son, and in order to do so it has taken creativity and perseverance. My father owned small businesses my entire life, and during the Great Recession in 2008 he lost nearly everything.

I am acutely aware of the struggles that business owners are experiencing during this pandemic because I lived through the last economic collapse, and I have seen the damage and heartbreak that it can cause. I know what it means to operate under the tightest margins. When the entire livelihood of a person is their small business, it can be terrifying on an economic level and also on a personal one when there are unforeseen circumstances that force a decrease in productivity, or shudder it all together.

I also know that small business owners have the tenacity, a drive, and a creativity that cannot be silenced by a pandemic or an economic downturn. I am not naive, I know that there are many businesses that will close permanently due to the fallout from the pandemic, and there will be difficult times for many people. We cannot ignore or make light of that. However, we need to have hope. Where there is passion and creativity there is never failure.

Our economic landscape may change, but it will adapt and return as it always has, stronger and better than before. If we learn from the past, look to the future, and come together as a community then we have only positive things to look forward to.

-Holly A. Herson Democratic Candidate for House District 48

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