I am extremely disappointed in the Weld County Commissioners and their “safer-at-work” program. We need the support of our local governments, so that people can make the choices that protect their health and safety. Without this support, employers and employees cannot get the help they need.

For example, at-risk employees would not be able to stay home without losing their unemployment. They have no choice but to work and expose themselves (and potentially expose others). Making the statement that people “should stay home if they are worried” is ridiculous and completely ignores the reality for the majority of Americans. The federal government needs to use our taxes to support our communities and small businesses. Our local governments need to be supportive and listen to our health and safety professionals.

The decision to open too early is made even more disgusting when you realize that many of the people demanding that others go back to work want to go golfing or get a haircut. They are now demanding that others put themselves at risk for nothing more than their entertainment and convenience. Why does anyone think that sacrificing our parents, friends, and neighbors is an ethical and moral way to live?

Please support my campaign for Colorado House District 63. We need representation that puts peoples’ lives above money.

Gen Schneider Democratic Candidate for House District 63