The Weld County Democratic Party is going virtual!

We have started using TextOut, a texting platform that allows us to reach voters in rural areas, apartment buildings, people who are temporarily away from home, etc.

The system is efficient, low cost, and interactive. The Weld County Dems pay 10 cents per cell number and that includes unlimited messages to that same number.
TextOut was already slated to be a major part of the County’s 2020 canvassing and GOTV effort. Right now it’s more important than ever, in order to keep volunteers and voters healthy.

To assure the effectiveness of the program, and to stay within budget, we have a Text Team, consisting of five leaders and around 44 dedicated volunteers.
We are extremely excited about the prospect of reaching voters who may have felt left behind in the past. Texting is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach people regardless of current location.

If you would like to help, please note that your donation to the Weld County Dems goes a VERY long way when we look at texting costs ($10 = 100 voters or $100 = 1,000 voters! ). This year’s election is vitally important to our future!
Link to the Weld County Democrats Donation Page

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