Updated 03/22/2020

Due to health concerns, our county convention/assembly scheduled for March 28th will be conducted as an online webinar and emailed or mail-ballot election, rather than an in-person event.

Final details are still being determined. The Colorado General Assembly has passed emergency legislation to allow parties to nominate candidates by alternate means.

Please keep checking the website for updates, including the Election & Candidate Info page. This will be updated so candidates can share their information online.

Like other challenges we are facing during this pandemic, changing from an in-person assembly to a webinar is unprecedented. The Weld Dems are all volunteers and we would like to thank everyone who has helped with all the details of making this switch, and making sure we still follow regulations and keep the process fair. Because we’ve never done this before, we ask for patience and understanding. 

Weld County Democratic Party County Assembly and Convention

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Tentatively scheduled to begin at 9 am.

Adjourn by approximately 2 p.m. or when business is completed.

Assemblies that will also take place this day:
House Districts 48, 50, 63
County Commissioner Districts 1 and 3
Judicial District 19

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