The Weld County Democratic Party will be hosting its County Assembly and Convention via webinar Saturday March 28 at 9 am. Due to the COVID19 pandemic the Assembly and Convention will be held by remote and electronic means for the first time, as allowed by emergency legislation and executive order of the Governor.

County delegates were elected at their precinct caucuses March 7. They will be voting to designate candidates to the June 30 State Primary ballot for House Districts 48, 50, and 63, as well as County Commissioner Districts 1, 3 and At Large.  The 19th Judicial District, which includes all of Weld County, will designate a candidate for District Attorney.

Delegates will also hold a preference vote for US Senate candidates and 4th Congressional District Representative candidates.  The number of State and Congressional assembly delegates from Weld County for each candidate will be based on those preference votes. 

In a presidential year County Convention delegates elect delegates to the State and 4th Congressional District Conventions who  will, in turn, select delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.  The number of delegates for each presidential candidate will be based on results of the March 3 Presidential Primary. 

If press or a member of the public would like to watch the Assembly, they can contact Weld Democratic Party Chair Jerad Sutton at

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