April 2020
From the Chair

I hope that the April newsletter finds everyone safe and healthy. During this crisis we have all had to make a lot of adjustments. During my extra time at home I have had a little more time to watch the local news and read the newspaper. I subscribe to the electronic editions of both the Greeley Tribune and the Washington Post. Many of you know that the banner of the Washington Post reads “Democracy Dies in Darkness”.

During the crisis I believe it is our job as Democrats to keep democracy ALIVE. While some states are postponing elections, dedicated volunteers just put on a virtual County Assembly and Convention with 16 candidates speaking live to our delegates. This took a lot of work to send out mail and email ballots, set up the webinar, and communicate to all 288 delegates that instead of having an in person Assembly in a high school gym, everyone could watch and vote from their own homes. I would like to thank everyone that participated and volunteered to pull this off on such short notice. We have some truly amazing people in our party that will do whatever it takes to keep democracy alive.

Many cities and towns in Weld County are having mail ballot municipal elections April 7. The State, 4th Congressional District, and Senate District 23 Assemblies will take place virtually by April 18. The wheels of democracy need to keep moving.

If you have extra time while you are at home please take time to inform your friends about our candidates by phone, text, email, Zoom, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, mail, or any way that is safe right now. We need your help to not let democracy die. Introduce 10 friends to our candidates, and then they can vote for them in November.

Jerad Sutton, Chair
Weld County Democratic Party

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