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During this public health crisis many of us have been given time to reflect. Even though the country is experiencing a lot of division, questionable leadership, and painful uncertainty on a national level, I have seen our individual communities come together in such an amazing and beautiful way. The children who rely on their schools for internet and meals are receiving both through volunteers, donations, and additional funding. The families who are struggling are able to receive donated meals, and companies are providing low cost internet service for folks who need it to work from home or for their children to attend online classes. There has been outreach in groups online to provide services to the elderly and those who are unable to leave their homes. Through all of the division it is heartwarming to see that we can all come together. I believe that Together We Can Make A Difference, and this crisis has proven it! We need leaders who are ready to bring us together and not pull us apart, and this is why I am running for the Colorado State Legislature. Our current leaders in Weld County are failing us. They are only speaking out to condemn the efforts used to prevent the illness from spreading, and I have not seen a single one lending support or a hand to those in need. We need leadership who is willing to put their party’s ideology second and to put the people first. I promise that I will be that leader. Being sure that people stay well is not a partisan issue, it is a test of heart, and unfortunately our current leadership in HD48 and CD4 have failed that test. Let’s make a change so we can rebuild our economy together. Together We Can Make A Difference.

Holly A. Herson

Candidate for Colorado State House District 48


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