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Here in Colorado we have a blended caucus and primary system that can be difficult to understand at first, second or even third glance!

Colorado’s 67 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be selected by two different meetings. Most of the delegates will come from the State Convention on April 18th and the remainder from the Congressional District (CD4) Convention on April 17th. Attendees to the April 17 and 18 meetings will be chosen at County Assembly & Convention on March 28, with candidate delegate count allocated based on data from the Presidential Primary results of their respective geographic area (state or congressional district).

In order to participate in the March 28 County Assembly and Convention, a person must be sent as a delegate from their precinct, based on their US Senate preference. For those interested in becoming a delegate to the State Convention or the CD4 Convention, please let the office know ASAP after being elected as a delegate at the caucuses on March 7th. Early notice will ensure you get placed on the correct ballot for your candidate. If you change your mind about running as a delegate for a particular candidate, please contact the office as soon as possible. Changes will not be allowed after March 21st unless a candidate fails to reach threshold (15% in most cases). Additionally, if you would like to attend County Assembly and Convention, but are not selected as a delegate, please inform your caucus site leaders or the office as soon as possible. We will add your name to a list of potential proxies which will be sent out to delegates who inform the office they cannot make the County Assembly and Convention.

This year we will have two primary election cycles. We are in the first right now: the Presidential Primary cycle (don’t forget to turn in your ballot on or before March 3). We will also hold a State Primary Election on June 30 for the other seats in our state including US Senate, US Congress, State Senate, State House and others. The winners of this election will be placed on the ballot representing the Democratic party for the General Election in November. The primary election is run by the county as the administrative district of the state, similar to the Presidential Primary election in March. You can expect to receive a ballot in the mail in early June allowing you to vote via mail early or in person on June 30.

There are two routes to being on this State Primary ballot – either 1) caucus/assembly or 2) petition/collect signatures. For candidates going the caucus route, they will need to have the support of 30% of delegates at their District’s Assembly.

For the US Senate seat this will be the State Assembly (April 18), whose delegates come from the 64 County Assemblies, whose delegates come from precincts across the state. For the US Congress seat, this will be the CD4 Assembly whose delegates come from the County Assemblies.

For our State House District nominees, this occurs at the House District meetings at the County Assembly or at the Multi County District meetings which occur April 17th. The same is also true of our State Senate nominees.

Here in Weld County, we are home to several Multi County Districts including House District 49 and Senate District 23. As House District 49 is comprised of members of Larimer County and Weld County, we will have the opportunity to send 11 people to the HD49 Assembly which will be held March 29th, in Fort Collins, time and place TBA. Because SD23 involves more than two counties, it will hold its assembly in Broomfield on Friday, April 17th and we will be able to send a delegation of approximately 54 people. Again, anyone receiving 30% of the delegate support will have their names on the primary ballot.

For candidates preferring to go the petition/signature route, they are required to have valid signatures from registered Democrats from their respective districts.

Each Democrat can sign to support ONE petition-only candidate in a given race. Duplicate signatures will be rejected, so if you sign a petition for candidate A, then do NOT sign a petition for candidate B if they are in direct competition.

However, you CAN support one candidate who is trying to get on the ballot by signing their petition AND you can caucus for a DIFFERENT candidate who is competing via the caucus. For more candidate information, please check for their website information or contact their offices directly.

2020 will be a very active year politically and there are a lot of opportunities to help your favorite candidates campaign and win offices across our county, state and nation. Please contact the office with questions or concerns (970) 351-8145. Please check for updates on our website for more information and to get involved! WeldCountyDems.org

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