One of the most important issues for women and families today is reproductive rights. The prominent reason to support reproductive rights is to enforce bodily autonomy, but there are other reasons to offer support. The number one indicator of the future socioeconomic success of a woman is her ability to decide when, and if, she has children. An unplanned pregnancy or poorly spaced childbirths can severely restrict the economic potential of a woman. In addition, these circumstances can lead to higher levels of depression, relationship failure, and poor outcomes for the children.

When women and families are forced to have unwanted children, generations are permanently affected. The adults have a harder time making ends meet, the children can have difficulties in school, and all this helps to increase the chance that they will also be unable to move out of poverty. This causes an increase in the need for social programs. Yet, when we spend $1 on reproductive resources, we can save over $7 in social programs. Reproductive rights help both the individual and the community.

In 2020 we need representatives that will work towards helping women and families to live to their full potential. By electing a candidate who supports reproductive rights, we can not only help our friends and neighbors, but all of our community to become more economically stable.

– Message from Gen Schneider for HD63