The oil and gas industry can be controversial, but in Weld County do need to thank that industry for our economy and a great majority of our high paying jobs.

I have studied political science for years, and one thing that we study in great detail is called the “resource curse”; countries rich in natural resources tend to have volatile economies.

We are lucky to have such a lucrative resource in Weld County, but if something were to happen to the industry; from increased regulation, to another OPEC crisis, or the fact that resources are finite, we could see our economies suffer.

Diversification of industry is the most important step that we can take to ensure that we continue to have good paying jobs in Weld County for generations. We can protect ourselves from economic crisis by not putting all of our eggs in one basket.

Colorado is booming in many industries, particularly in technology and healthcare. Denver and Boulder should not be the only areas reaping the benefits! I think that biofuel is a great transition, and the experience of our oil and gas workers would be incredibly helpful in this industry.

If I am elected I will work to attract these high paying jobs so we are not left behind! There are many ways to attract industry growth, and working with local government will be key. If elected I will fight for diversification of industry and for high paying jobs for the people of Weld County.

-Holly Herson, candidate for State House District 48