Updated 02/01/20

I would like to thank the following people for stepping up to run for office in 2020: Holly Herson(HD48), Yara Zokaie (HD49), Rep. Mary Young (HD50), Gen Schneider (HD63), Sally Boccella (SD23), and Mike Welch (Commissioner District 3).

One of the reasons why I got involved in the Weld County Democratic Party is because I was tired of getting my ballot in the mail, and not having Democratic candidates to vote for.

No race can go uncontested.

We need Democrats to run for County Commissioner At Large and District 1. The Weld County Commissioners govern the Weld County budget, and land use in unincorporated Weld County. This of course means they make decisions on oil and gas. This group of Weld County Commissioners that will be elected in 2020 will also draw the County Commissioner District boundaries for the next 10 years. This means unlike the US congressional and state legislative district that will be drawn by the new commission created by 2018 Amendments Y and Z, five Republicans will pick their voters by drawing their own Commissioner District lines. This will happen unless we run Democrats for County Commissioner.

In 2016 Republican District Attorney Michael Rourke ran uncontested with no Democratic challenger. The District Attorney manages all prosecutors in the 19th Judicial District (Weld County), and decides what charges to file against defendants.

Please share this information with other Democrats, and let me know if anyone is interested in running for County Commissioner or District Attorney. Of course, if you yourself are interested in running for office let me know as well.

The deadline to file to run as a Democrat is 10 days before the Weld County Assembly which will be on March 28. Ideally it would be best if Democrats would commit to running for these offices by early February, so that you can start campaigning at Caucus March 7.

No race can go uncontested.

Office and Democratic Candidate:
House District 48 Holly Herson
House District 49 Yara Zokaie
House District 50 Mary Young
House District 63 Gen Schneider
Senate District 23 Sally Boccella
Commissioner District 3 Mike Welch

Races with no Democratic candidates at this time:
Commissioner At Large
Commissioner District 1
District Attorney

Jerad Sutton, Chair
Weld County Democratic Party