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Colorado now a Super-Tuesday state!

Colorado joins 13 other states voting for Democratic presidential candidates on Super Tuesday, Mar 3, 2020.  Coloradans who are registered as Democrats or Unaffiliated on or before Mar 3 will be eligible to vote in the Presidential Primary election to determine the number of delegates each candidate will send to the Democratic National Convention from Colorado. 

The Mar 3 Primary will be a mail-ballot election with ballots to be mailed beginning February 10. For the first time, pre-registered 17-year-old D or U voters who will be 18 by Nov 3 will be eligible to vote in the Presidential Primary and to attend precinct caucuses.  Voters registered with a different political party must change affiliation to D or U by Feb 3 to vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary.

The next step in a busy election year will be precinct caucuses on Saturday, Mar 7.  Weld Democratic caucuses will begin at 2 pm at 25 locations around Weld County.  Voters who are registered as Democrats in their current precinct by Feb 14 are eligible to participate in their caucus.  Voters should go to the Secretary of State website, govotecolorado.com to update their address or affiliation prior to that time.

Precinct caucuses will elect delegates to the Mar 28 county convention and assembly based on attendees’ votes for U.S. Senate candidates.  Other caucus business will be electing precinct committee people, recruiting election judges and voting on proposed platform issues.

On Mar 28, up to 600 delegates from around Weld County will meet at Northridge High School in Greeley for the Weld convention and assembly, where delegates to the state and congressional conventions and assemblies will be elected.  Legislative and county commissioner district assemblies also held that day will nominate candidates for the Colorado State Primary election on June 30. 

The 4th Congressional District and state assemblies and conventions will be Friday, Apr 17, and Saturday, Apr 18.  Those conventions will elect Colorado’s national convention delegates based on the results of the Presidential Primary.  The state assembly will determine which U.S. Senate candidates qualify for the state primary. 

2020 promises to be an exciting year to be a Democrat in Colorado.  We will be among the early states to influence the presidential contest.  And a Democratic win in the Colorado U.S. Senate race will help the Senate regain its credibility as a functioning part of Congress.  

Carol Burkhart

Weld Democratic Permanent Organization Committee

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