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This time of year seems to be jampacked – ghouls, ghosts, canvassers, ballots, even some much needed moisture in the form of flakes. In a few days our municipal elections and state ballot issues will be decided and we will begin to chart a path for the 2020 election. Everyone who has an interest, has some time or perhaps just a good idea to throw in the pile is welcomed to participate with the local party. Find your niche and help us return to a more fair and equitable democracy.

In our 2019 budget, we made a plan to raise $9000 for the 2020 election to help candidates and Get Out the Vote. Now we know that our Caucus and Assembly process is going to cost us an additional $3000-4000. While our finances are in good shape, we really want to be prepared to make a difference in Weld County and that is why we are making a special year-end fundraising push.

If you can, join the 2019 Weld Wave today! Every little bit helps and a generous donation is TRULY appreciated. Every donation received on-line or by check during the next month will be credited to the Weld Wave.

Thank you to everyone who has already been generous to us this year!

Lyn Nelson, Treasurer

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