The Holiday Season is starting, and it is a time to spend with friends and family sharing stories and meals around the dinner table.

The truth is that there are too many families in Colorado who are not able to share a meal with their families. Food insecurity is pervasive in all communities in our state, but its impact in Weld County is profound. 1 in 11 people in Colorado struggle with food insecurity, but in Weld County the numbers are 1 in 5 people who are food insecure. 

Donation of food, and providing assistance to those in need is incredibly important, but the goal should be to eliminate poverty and food insecurity. We need to focus on investing in our education system and diversifying our economies in Weld County. Folks cannot simply rely on uncertain industries to pay the bills, we need to attract diverse high paying jobs to our communities by being unafraid to spend tax dollars on education for children and adults.

Industries look for communities with programs that are planning for the future. From pre-K through trade schools and Universities we should be leading the way by investing in our students and workers by creating innovative educational programs in our region in our State. This would be a game changer for poverty in our economy in Weld County.

This Holiday Season let’s give back to our communities by planning to vote for people who will step up, who have a vision for the future in 2020!

-Holly Herson, candidate for State House District 48