My name is Michael Whitcomb and I’m running for the Greeley City Council in Ward IV. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, and en route to graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in history, I served on the student government and was President of a successful student organization. Three years ago, my wife and I were able to buy our first home and we decided to put down roots here in Greeley. Since then, I have been a member of the Weld County and Colorado State Democratic Parties on both the Central and Executive Committees as well as the Central and Executive Committee of the Fourth Congressional District. I have also served as the Vice Chair of the Permanent Organization Committee as well as the Chair of the Communications Committee.

In the last three years of talking with people in our community, it’s plain that we have a distinct lack of visible transparency and dialogue between the people and their representatives. Few people in Ward IV have seen the gentlemen elected to represent them from City Council come to their door or hold forums in their area. A good many don’t even know who their representative is. I don’t know about you but to me, that is unacceptable.

I firmly believe that it is the responsibility of an elected representative to actually be in the community, to connect with their constituents on a regular basis no matter their party affiliation, and to put themselves out there to be held accountable for their votes.If elected, my top priority is to return transparency and dialogue from the City Council to the people of Greeley. Starting immediately, I will hold regular community forums where we, as neighbors, can come together and talk about the issues that we face as a community and discuss ideas on how to address them before they become emergencies.

In addition, growth is the biggest challenge we face as a city going forward because it impacts every aspect of life in Greeley. With our population booming, not only do we need to ensure that our housing supply is in a healthy relation to our demand, but we need to build new infrastructure to service these new developments with the long-term in mind. I will push to significantly increase affordable housing construction. We are in the midst of a severe housing shortage and face unprecedented growth in the next few years. The only way we can meet the challenges of that growth is to build enough diverse housing and multi-family zoning fast enough to have our supply catch up to our demand.We should also continue Greeley’s strong legacy of smart investment in our water resources and couple that with investments in water conservation so that we have enough water to fuel our continued growth.I will also focus on reaching out to companies and organizations that can bring more high-wage jobs to the city and diversify our economic portfolio so that new residents and lifelong residents alike can have opportunities to both live and work in Greeley.

If you believe as I do that we need true and equal representation for all Greeley residents on the City Council and that these goals sound like a responsible use of the power of your vote, then I would be honored and humbled to have your support.